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Look forward to of lukewarm city a powerful person or family pushs lever of far

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Of the national patent technology that limited company of fittings of far valve of records of lukewarm state city rolls out " lever of annals far a powerful person " reach application through a large number of tests, achieve a performance that applies to nuclear report newly, prevent divulge, lever of macrobian life, a powerful person is sealed low safeguard newest technology, it is the lever of professional treatment a powerful person is the most advanced patent invention technology in valve industry, lever of company a powerful person or family already won a state now multinomial patent, at present this kind of technology has applied at all valve industry and domain. Already waited for countrywide valve industry in Suzhou Niu Wei extensive promotion applies in manufacturing company, general gets the person of the same trade's reception. Product exit Japan, Korea and southeast Asia and Euramerican wait for a country.
This company main product:

The characteristic of lever of annals far a powerful person:
Whorl of lever of 1. annals far a powerful person is used abstain extruding, whorl intensity is high, precision is accurate. ; 2. Of whorl place and polished rod place homocentric and consistent, overcame in perplexing home for a long time to roll filar craft easy twist, fragile the problem of model rolling silk. ; 3. Polished rod place uses patent technology precision to achieve lens side effect, open shut relaxed, sealing is good. ; 4. Close place to use numerical control technology to shape, precision is tall, it is good to close sealed performance. ; 5. Upright place T chamfer uses v to shape craft, efficiency is tall, cost is low. ; 6. Technology of production of a complete set of of lever of a powerful person achieves international advanced level.

The characteristic of lever of traditional a powerful person or family:
Whorl of lever of 1. traditional a powerful person or family uses helix flying knife, whorl precision forbids; and use a tradition to roll silk without bits fragile roll a model, changeful form, screwy. ; 2. Polished rod place uses grinder precision not tall, time-consuming long; 3. Close place to use outfit clip twice to turn around leave it at that is sealed, homocentric spend difference, sealed leak easily; 4. Upright place uses graduation of milling machine index plate, treatment is slow, working procedure is much, time-consuming long.
Valve product uses " lever of annals far a powerful person " advantage: 1. Valve is opened shut pitching moment small, open is relaxed save labour, when the province. ; 2. Smooth coaxial has spent the surface. Use sealing can be tall. ; 3. Tension, fight twist, intensity is high, enhance valve life
The characteristic that lever of annals far a powerful person serves: 1. Can find you quickly to want and satisfactory product, avoid not to have the inquiry of main threads of an affair and afraid product quality. ; 2. Can again you are given price limits, offer the product that provides corresponding quality most, ; 3. Not ground of Wei loaded down with trivial details provides a service for you; 4. In the shortest time, offer for you produce; 5. Can establish product record for you at the same time.
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