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Plastic machinery obtains Hefei day wind multinomial domestic and international

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Hefei day wind is plastic and mechanical limited company is textile bag of professional production PP, PE, mesh bag, ton the manufacturer of the whole set of equipment such as bag, total assets -697379968 yuan, it is chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products, china packs association, unit of member of association of model machinist trade. Had passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, have own imports and exports to counterpoise, calendar year wins multinomial domestic and international patent.

Equipment of bag of film of the equipment of equipment of textile bag of cement of the whole set of equipment of plastic textile bag that my company can supply for the client, whole set, bag of whole set mesh, ground that blow film, ton bag, container bag equipment, braid cloth equipment, , equipment of supermarket shopping bag, with its good performance, popular home visits town more than 20 times, sell as far as to the United States, russia, southeast Asia, middle east, two countries such as Africa and area, the character of the product and service have good public praise in international. The company is in Shandong early or late, anhui establishs textile bag to distinguish a works, always invest many yuan 3000, and overseas establishs joint-stock company and development agent, the in international bazaar development that is a company built very good platform.

The company built product line of mobile phone oscillator 20 million yuan at the investment at the beginning of 2008, already began go into operation now, advanced foreign technology equipment is a foundation, professional administrative operation experience is oriented, the series of mobile phone oscillator that my company produces already reached world advanced level.

Welcome incoming telegram of broad new old client to case seek advice, hope our product and experience can think you make up an industry to create more profit to bring greater progress in model.

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