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Numerical control reciprocating type goes oil field of dawn of settle of technol

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The numerical control reciprocating type that factory of oil extraction of dawn of distant river oil field introduces first year after year today goes technology of oil extraction of oily report pump, after studying through early days applicability, the well enters field test and the success was scored in dawn 2-3-35 on June 2.
The wildcat development craft of oily area of dawn of distant river oil field basically is lifted with oil well pump litre give priority to. Citing the corrupt practice that promotes technology is, specific power consumption of pumping unit production is tall, systematic efficiency is low, canal, lever slants grind serious, wildcat production cost is high, check pump cycle is short. These problems restricted low yield badly can the normal production of the well. Produce difficult problem to break through these, technical personnel explores forward position technology ceaselessly, taste a characteristic according to the oil deposit property of auroral oil field and oil, introduce actively can prevent effectively to be in charge of lever to slant the numerical control reciprocating type that wear goes technology of oil extraction of oily report pump.
The test of this technology is successful, the mark is worn solve lever of oily well casing to slant grind, lower low yield can the problem of specific power consumption of the well had major breakthrough, also indicate the dimensions of a congener wildcat changed production to have strong technical safeguard.

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