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Control of a powerful person of modulation of code of broad sense arteries and v

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Asymmetrical hydraulic pressure crock is in force of / of hydraulic pressure position in servo use extensively. As a result of the crock the action area of two antrum differs, the speed character on direction of positive and negative and dynamic character are different, the difference of existence of movement condition character that causes direction of systematic positive and negative to go up. Asymmetrical control of a powerful person is asymmetrical the pressure mutation when the crock can reduce inverting effectively and the asymmetry sex that use static property. Common asymmetrical the fixedder than be cost of gradient of area of window of reduce expenditure of a powerful person, need to be used with design of crock form a complete set, interchangeability is poor, workmanship is complex, make cost of a powerful person raises. Broad sense arteries and veins piles up modulation (Generalization Pulse Code Modulation, the reduce expenditure that GPCM) a powerful person uses a certain quantity of, different flow base yuan composition, the price is low, fight pollution capability is strong, can constitute the reduce expenditure area of throttle and encode pattern according to systematic need changes each neatly, get different flow. The author controlled theory to undertake study to servo of GPCM hydraulic pressure, the article accuses to GPCM number a powerful person asymmetrical the pressure of the crock and discharge character undertake study.

1 GPCM a powerful person controls crock system
1.1 systems brief introduction
GPCM a powerful person is mixed by a powerful person of a 4 direction control a group of reduce expenditure radical yuan composition, each base yuan area of reduce expenditure mouth presses set of certain modulation rule, open by what pulse control signal will control them close position, get area of different total reduce expenditure via combination, make system of timing of the reduce expenditure that answer oil, achieve the goal that controls system flow rate thereby, principle of its flow control sees a picture 1. In the graph, q1, Q2 does not have lever antrum and oily discharge of pressure of antrum having lever for the crock respectively, m3/s; Ps is systematic pressure, pa; Qs is system flow rate, m3/s; Pr is a powerful person outlet pressure, pa; Qr exports discharge for a powerful person, m3/s; A1, A2 is a crock to be mixed without lever antrum respectively antrum having lever is sectional area, m2; P1, P2 does not have lever antrum and pressure of antrum having lever for the crock respectively, pa; M is systematic equivalent quality, kg.

1.2GPCM encode rule
When asymmetrical piston of hydraulic pressure crock moves in different way when, as a result of the piston asymmetry of area of two side effect, below same rate, carry unit of reduce expenditure of a powerful person group discharge is not identical. GPCM a powerful person flow control imposes kind of oily reduce expenditure for directional a powerful person, there is flow control effect on a direction only.
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