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Sealed ball valve will obtain the metal to develop quickly

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One, petro-chemical the demand of sealed to the metal ball valve
China is big country of production of world oil petrochemical and consumption, up to process capability and ethylene productivity Ke resided Chinese crude oil 2005 the world the 2nd. "Compendium of 915 " program, petrifaction industry will continue to develop, crude oil process capability from have 256 million T/a to raise 366 million T/a, ethylene process capability raises 18 million T/a from 8 million T.
Position of Chinese petrifaction industry is reasonable with each passing day, dimensions expands, industrial concentration, already had town sea, luxuriant name, Shanghai, Jin Leng, tall pray, stingy Pacific Ocean reachs petrifaction of Lu Anzhou, Dalian, Dalian on the west the class of 10 10 million T such as Lanzhou oil refining base, catch have Shanghai, Yan Shan, raise child, city of benefit of Guangdong of company of family of contest of Qi Lu, luxuriant name, Shanghai vinyl ground of large petrifaction of class of 7 800 thousand T. The well is in annulus Bohai Sea the area such as delta of bay, the Yangtse River, Pearl River delta forms oversize petro-chemical base.
It is reported is current China cling to have via winning the large ethylene project of the construction that approve alone: 1. Zhejiang presses down bully petrifaction project of ethylene of 1 million T/a, always cast porcelain 23.3 billion yuan of 2009 midday build. 2. Fujian spring city project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a, total investment built 26.6 billion yuan 2008. 3. Tianjin petrifaction project of ethylene of 100 thousand T/a,
Always invest 20.1 billion yuan, built 2008. 4. Project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a always invests Sichuan Chengdu petrifaction 21 billion yuan, built 2009. 5. Ethylene of 600 thousand T/a transforms Lanzhou petrifaction 2 Cheng, always invest 6.3 billion yuan, built 2006. 6. Xinjiang alone Shan Zishi changes 1 million T/a, total investment built 26.2 billion yuan 2008.
Doing early days alone to have ethylene project of the job has: ? 1. Guangzhou petrifaction project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a. 2. N petrifaction project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a. 3. Wu Tanshi turns project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a. 4. Dalian petrifaction project of ethylene of 800 thousand T/a.
Build do not have ethylene of a megaton large plant, total investment makes an appointment with 20 billion yuan, among them installation cost is 30% , equipment the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem makes an appointment with 7 billion yuan originally. Because there will be 56 billion yuan market demand during 915 " of this · " , annual demand 11.2 billion yuan, the metal is sealed ball valve demand invests 2% considerations fully by battle, about 240 million yuan.
"There will be 63 billion yuan market demand during 925 " , annual demand 12.5 billion yuan, the metal is sealed ball valve demand casts porcelain by equipment 2% considerations, about 260 million yuan
For example, 12 million T/a often reduces Guangzhou benefit state device of oil refining of catalytic heavy hydrogenation, need a metal sealed ball valve 101, pressure grade Class300-500Lb, connect diameter 3-12in, al05 of material of body of a powerful person, alloy of Si Taili of 316L of core of a powerful person. Contract total prices makes an appointment with 35 million yuan.
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