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Can scoop up the development of oil well pump of type double standing valve and

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Current, domestic and international great majority smokes what wildcat uses is tubing pump. Because tubing pump standing valve is one-way, wildcat is in the course that takes oil, the crude oil that comes out from layer is entered through standing valve the ground gives side by side inside pump. Smoking the discovery in oily process, the liquid inside the well passes standing valve, impurity is contained inside the liquid on one hand, prop up standing valve irreclaimable former, will be in the position that open from beginning to end; On the other hand the liquid enters pump through standing valve inside, because wear away or liquid is erosive action, can cause standing valve malfunction. If the standing valve of oil well pump of odd standing valve does not work, need to undertake wildcat so aperiodic check pump of the gender works.
Be aimed at this problem, the researcher that says haing oil exploration to develop company of operation of the technology below headquarters well is datival Lu Jiya country 12 areas piece the workshop of oil field begins an experiment to consider jointly, double standing valve of instead of odd standing valve of oil well pump, it is namely can scoop up oil well pump of type double standing valve. This pump is in country of case Lu Jiya 12 areas piece favorable result was obtained in the application of oil field.
Technical analysis
Structure: Does fade of cluck of Mao of admire of Mei of П of  pool ǚ steal flatter to bilge does ∩ of  of ū Mei act show unlined upper garment of Mian Yong silk to drip Tang Ao of blood clam of Т of ǚ of pool of protruding of Ш of Jiao Tan ǚ ? Unlined upper garment drips Ш of Jiao Tan ǚ is painful Man of blood clam the Tang Dynasty by expect chaos comes now the piston that Wo  blood clam covers? to pass whorl and pump joins) , salvage a head (pass whorl and can scoop up type standing valve to join) , sealing ring of connect of card reed, changeover, 2 class, can.
Cylindroid salvages claw to go up to have the hook form chamfer with 2 opposite way, salvage the solder on the head to have cylindrical rail, the chamfer that hooks form chamfer is wide the diameter that is more than rail slightly, rail is entered or chamfer of form of come away hook can come true salvage claw and the join that salvage a head or depart.
Working principle:
Can scoop up type standing valve by hang in artificially salvage claw, carry the upside position of the pipe nipple that prop up by the piston of pump, next to load 419~918, the action that because compress,fluid sealant of 2 2 class encircles is encircled gently through steel (take 60b to go up horn, 30b issues horny) , fluid sealant circle and the pipe nipple that prop up is sealed together, the card reed that carries on body of a powerful person at this moment enters the pipe nipple that prop up at the same time inside, card reed contracts and sit closely inside the pipe nipple that prop up, when the job body of a powerful person cannot go up, at the same time group of pump housing steel props up the card reed on body of a powerful person, make body of a powerful person cannot be issued to lower levels, thereby both implementation one class is sealed. Sit when standing valve after sealing, staff post is carried to arrive to be hanged formerly on heavy, rotating 1~2 circle, make salvage a perpendicular position that turns to groove from the pensile position that salvages claw, carry on salvage a head to make salvage claw from after salvaging head come away, had been opposite prevent strong be apart from, the pumping unit that start, can scoop up type standing valve to begin the work.
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