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New-style carbon slide obtains Shandong a fabled abode of immortals the country

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Channel of xinhua net Shandong on July 8 report (Zou Ying) recently, city of Shandong province a fabled abode of immortals exceeded limited company of good composite material to be taken " the country invents patent certificate " , indicate the pantograph carbon slide of this company obtained a country formally to invent patent.
Slide is the guttural component of electric power engine, at present domestic engine is imported from Germany entirely with pure carbon slide. City of a fabled abode of immortals surpasses limited company of good composite material the slide of pantograph pure carbon of own research and development, use pure black lead to machine and become, have good conductivity, be able to bear or endure electric arc sex, corrosion resistance and attrition function, service life is domestic slide 3, 4 times, technical level international is advanced, can replace an entrance completely, and the 2/3 that the price is foreign congener product only. This slide is obtained early or late " national emphasis new product " and " progress of Shandong province science and technology is second-class award " two honor.

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