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The heat in each country ground uses hot pump system to gain ground state and lo

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The heat in the ground is used is the subterranean heat that uses hold of subterranean shallow-layer part. Subterranean shallow-layer heat includes hot spring, groundwater, airway (wind tunnel) etc. The building that hot pump heats up in the ground in using is being heated up in introducing the ground now offers cold heating.
Hot pump resembles pump water from next smoking come up in that way, the unit that heat transfers toward high temperature from microtherm. Icebox or air-conditioner also are the domain that considers hot pump, air-conditioner is hot pump of air heat source, the gas outside using, tepid building, also but refrigeration.
Hot hot pump is the equipment that absorb heat from underground or emits the heat in the ground in the ground, no matter heat is,be the ground in, its job principle and air-conditioner are same. The heat in the ground uses the Youdezhong that heat up pump hot exchange, groundwater is used model, surface water is used model etc.

The heat in each country ground uses hot pump system to popularize a state to be as follows:
Japan did not gain ground basically at present, china is in boom, euramerican begin to study development and throw on the market in 70 time later period, the development of period of time after oil crisis is rapidder, experience backwater period ever since, 90 time begin formally to gain ground later, sweden develops in last few years breathtaking.
The United States: Already popularized nearly 200 thousand 1990, 1990-2000 10 years year increase 200 thousand, 2000-2005 year increase 200 thousand again, 5 years increase 1.5 times. The earth of • of American earth 埌 that one of hot pump centers are university of Russian carat He Ma in American ground heats up hot pump association, 迠 of building of hot in the ground experiment builds content to begin to accept the aid of oil capital, the heat in making the land uses center of Training Within Industry of technology of hot pump system. The energy policy of cloth assorted generalissimo is with wind- driven, sun, biology qualitative, terrestrial heat replaces the sources of energy as reproducible, want to enlarge scope of application, accordingly, the government has capital investment. The heat in showing the ground heats up pump system to already was known by American society, carry out the joint development that produces an official to learn. The grass of the Ford that overcome fatigue of the overcome Sasibai palace of cloth assorted generalissimo also prepares to introduce the heat of the earth's interior to heat up pump system.
Switzerland: It is the world the heat in the 4th ground uses hot pump big country. Outside dividing the United States, be next to Sweden. The Lybach of university of industry of Su Li world teachs the heat in telling about Swiss ground to heat up pump to popularize a technology to because because of,want with economy,want. Technical element has the following 5: The climate condition with appropriate ① ; Hot system agrees with in the ground with perpendicular ② individual need; ③ can build thing in 迠 around choice sets field; ④ is confined to small-sized aircrew, do not need again compensatory heat; ⑤ has the effect that reduces eduction of greenhouse effect gas. 8 economy element: ① does not have the danger of the carriage respect such as oil, natural gas and cost; Of ② nonexistent groundwater save an issue; The land that ③ must treat is small; ④ mechanical room is less than having; ⑤ runs cost petty gain; ⑥ is accepted the grant-in-aid from power company and return still; ⑦ is not the heating of eduction CO2; Duty of ⑧ CO2 eduction will enter congress field of vision. The research group that is a center with this professor in 80 time considered to develop perpendicular bury set model system, send to gaining ground already expressed huge the hope. Switzerland heats up pump to popularized association and firm association to also do to produce Guan Xuelian to combine development. Held in 1000 leaves in October 2006 but the terrestrial heat of congress of international of second birth the sources of energy is special on colloquium, gain ground and increase executive exemple in speaking of the ground, this professor heats up those who use hot pump to popularize stimulative key is knowledge. The heat in explaining Switzerland popularizes the ground clearly uses hot pump system to set fee but halve. Now cost of standard house system is left and right sides of 2.4 million yen.
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