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Wind canal applies domestic and internationally without flange join technology g

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In industry of our country ventilating duct, according to the construction craft of domestic tradition, be in charge of between wind canal paragraph join all is used to using connection of angle iron flange, because process of join of angle iron flange is complex, angle iron is cut off, solder, stiletto, besmear brushs antirust paint, material waste is big, take time takes a lot of work, the spot machines inconvenience, the defect such as hoisting difficulty, technology of conventional this kind of construction already cannot satisfy the requirement that at present construction reachs the side such as craft, because do not have flange to join wind pipe fittings all compares flange commonly,join simple, and along with connect assists a weight lighter, make may produce in order to use standard component simply group by group, need not but saved large quantities of rolled steel, and still simplified greatly construction craft, improved productivity, it is very important to still have it is good to joined without flange wind is in charge of sealing to also join than flange wind is in charge of, join without flange wind canal applies in the world so more and more extensive, and formal development is increasing also.
At present wind canal joins without flange the form has a few kinds, and new form still is appearing ceaselessly, but by its structural principle can be divided for bear insert, flange of transplant a cutting, occlusive, iron sheet and Composite join 5 kinds. Basically grow lesser wind to be in charge of with Yu Bian without flange join, have join of C form transplant a cutting and link of S form transplant a cutting. In joining without flange to rectangular wind canal the technology makes a process in ventilating duct, use insert receive type and in all board type joins without flange understandable for the following at 2 o'clock:
1, TDC is inserted receiving type to join without flange is to use insert the according to of two groups of round screw die that receives type to bite buccal machine boil each other between round screw die press figuration principle to be flange treatment C edge and S edge, this form inserts the straight valve that receives type to apply to rectangular wind to be in charge of only without flange paragraph join, normally small size wind is in charge of or the edge grows the wind canal inside 630 ㎜ limits, can collect C edge treatment entirely, in order to increase the strength of wind canal joint. In this its median must notice because S border link takes form to set, is, so two end wind provides difference of easy occurrence size, special attention wants when make on dimension cooperate, the interface of C edge must be in in the middle of, otherwise clearance crosses congress to cause connection not close, become loose not firm, space is too little cause Pan to install the phenomenon such as a lot of inconvenience such as difficulty again, wind canal is in charge of paragraph of interface to be in must fluid sealant sticks a processing.
2, TDF in all board type joins without flange is to use boil each other between the according to of two groups of round screw die that board type does not have flange combination plane in all press figuration principle to be in charge of wind end of itself two sides to bite a mouth to become flange oneself, code of part of repass flange part and flange clip tick off a code to be in charge of two paragraphs of wind join to rise namely, this join means basically applies to wind to be in charge of an edge to grow the rectangular wind canal between 300~2000mm, because this chance is direct,boil on wind canal press treatment to become flange oneself, make wind canal intensity rises greatly, sealing is strong, the exterior is beautiful and orderly, it replaced join of traditional angle iron flange not only, simplified to machine craft trivally, still was to improve labor efficiency together, reduced wind canal and flange oneself and weight, the making treatment of facilitating construction site reachs installation.
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