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Start about electromotor discuss with what protect way

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Summary article reviewed the electromotor before 2007 to start the state with protective means, start to the electromotor 2008 with protective application the circumstance undertook expectation.
Keyword tradition way is hard start soft start resistor of perfect protection liquid state
1 preface
The starting means of traditional electromotor is much with from Ou decompression, star, trigonometry is started give priority to, and latter use circumstance is conditional, namely it is starting the ability below the case with not quite big torsion to use. In recent years, what the starting development of low-pressure electromotor makes electronic type is soft start and transducer is started, of high-pressured electromotor start also develop to be started for what give priority to with means of liquid resistor step-down, still one part used high-pressured transducer to start; The protection of low-pressure electromotor basically is to use the hot relay that brings photograph protection to come before overload protection holds concurrently lack photograph protection, the relay that high-pressured protection uses a convention will had come true to flow, the protection such as overload, locked-rotor, usually can better land realizes electromotor start with protection.

Was started 2 pairs 2007 and protect the reviewing of means
2007, electromotor starts way already from the tradition with from Ou decompression, star, trigonometry is started etc hard start give priority to, change is hard start and soft the case that starts each to take an in part, protect means to also be being perfected ceaselessly, already protected by traditional hot component, development becomes the protection with all sorts of complete functions of new-style electron type, this is a kind of rapidder progress on the technology.

The current situation of the 2.1 hard way that start
Before the hard way that start, be like from Ou decompression, star, trigonometry is started etc have circuit simple, maintenance is convenient, one-time cost throws lower good point, but their electric current that start is bigger still, the mechanical facility that takes to electromotor and place still is put in bigger impact, although offerred voltage of two kinds of take a percentage of a deal that start to be able to choose according to actual and laden state, but if starting torsion,bigger case falls, when choosing inferior voltage take a percentage of a deal, its process that start cannot be finished, start electric current not to fall from beginning to end namely; If choose taller voltage archives, criterion its electric current that start is bigger, bigger to the concussion of electromotor and electrified wire netting, the insulation that Chang Yi causes electromotor and transformer by puncture, electrified wire netting certain advocate switch fallibility tripping operation, make of the certain protection parameter of electrified wire netting whole become difficult problem surely, the crucial parts of an apparatus of starter communicates contactor to be burned out more easily also. Especially what the 2 control circuit of traditional GB hard starter uses is will come true by relay of a time start as automatic as what move switch, if things go on like this, after occurrence breakdown of this time relay, with respect to the effect that cannot have automatic switch. Such, be in the condition that start for a long time to move, because under-voltage carries guild causes overload and electromotor is damaged, and because cannot be exited,move from Ou decompression coil, carry moving electricity for a long time, also meet burn down, the safety that affects electric equipment thereby moves. This kind hard start, use in the inchoate means that start more, basically be its cost is inferior, and soft started cost is higher. All hard the traditional protection that in starting, uses is to take the hot relay that protects a function to come true commonly overload and break photograph protection, it has a lot of drawback, had become a kind to be about to wash out start and protect way.
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