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Electric machinery of servo of numerical control system controls a technology to

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Contemporary electric machinery controls academic development to make servo of machine tool numerical control realizes communication to change, digitlization, intelligence changes system of machine tool numerical control in, commonly used servo electric machinery and control system have:
(One) system of open loop control uses a pace to regard drive as parts of an apparatus into electric machinery, beardless position and speed detector, also do not have feedback circuit, control circuit is simple, the price is low. The distinction that the pace takes electric machinery and general electrify chance basically depends on its pulse controlling, be this characteristic, the pace enters electric machinery to be able to dominate technical photograph union with contemporary number. The dc servo electromotor that nevertheless the pace enters electric machinery to be inferior to conventional closed-loop control in side of performance of span of pilot precision, speed, low speed. In precision not be need particularly tall circumstance can use a pace enter electric machinery, the pace can develop his into electric machinery simple, dependability mixes the structure high the characteristic with low cost.

(2) half closed circuit and system of control of closed circuit position use dc servo electric machinery or communication servo electric machinery regards drive as the component, can use inside install the pulse coder within electric machinery, without brush rotate transformer or measure fast the dynamo serves as the position / speed detects parts of an apparatus will form position of half closed circuit to control a system, also can use direct installation to regard the position as detector in the grating of workbench or inductive synchronized, the position of complete closed circuit that will form high accuracy controls a system.

70 time, american GATTYS company invented a machine tool to use electric machinery of servo of dc moment of force, from now on machine tool of each country numerical control begins to introduce drive of dc servo electric machinery in great quantities. Open loop system is replaced by closed circuit system gradually. Regard the dc of drive parts of an apparatus as servo with dc servo electric machinery, control circuit is simpler, the value is inferior. Its are main defect is interior of dc servo electric machinery device of organic instrument inverting, carbon brush is easy wear away, maintenance workload is big, easy a kind of firecrackerfire breaking out is beautiful when moving, of the rotate speed that gives electric machinery and power rise bring greater difficulty. Although low-cost, structure is simple,communicate asynchronous electric machinery, but inchoate because control function difference, did not get applied on numerical control system for a long time so. Control academic development as technology of electric power electron and contemporary electric machinery, 1971, the vector that the Blaschke of German Xi Menzi invented communication asynchronous machine controls law;1980 year, the studies the group is using microprocessor vector pilot that German Leonhard heads gains headway in research, make vector control economic change. From 70 time end, electric machinery of asynchronous of phase-in of numerical control machine tool gives priority to axial drive electric machinery.
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