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SolidWorks3D designs software to help manufacturing industry design better produ

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As economic informatization and globalization, market competition is unusually intense. To handle the market demand of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, manufacturing industry quickens a product ceaselessly change, in order to increase industry competition capacity, in the information society environment that competes in so flying change and height, the opportunity that the enterprise faces and challenge make the company must support enterprise IT with new way (IT) , who can master method of advanced science and technology, hold information, improve efficiency, developing product market while, perfect oneself orgnaization, implementation management is modern, who can establish firm calcaneal, can obtain live and develop.
SolidWorks held water 1993, was located in by headquarters 1997 the Dassault Systemes S.A of French Suresnes. Buy, this company is management of global product lifecycle (the main development business of PLM) solution. SolidWorks software is the banner 3D CAD solution on the world, provide all function that place of design world top-ranking product needs, and have unapproachable use a sex easily, liberate design personnel thoroughly, make they can dedicated at products plan, is not software use. It is having many successful user in the whole world, commercial edition sale ranks the whole world three-dimensional CAD software the first position.
SolidWorks can satisfy great majority project to design need. The client had designed all sorts of products with it, include equation of marine detector, electric car, one class cycle racing and have by tens of thousands the industrial machine tool of the spare parts. It has group of bigger than the user group of software of any 3D CAD of other main aspect, more active global limits user, in 100 many countries / 80 of the area, 000 have personnel of 500 thousand designs and engineer to have products plan in use SolidWorks software in domestic company more, and had been gone up 4 years top class to make engineering degree what the plan accepts and be used with 5 years by the world. Exceed 14, 000 learning orgnaization is using SolidWorks software to teach engineering technology and design. Innovate than having more products with photographs of any product of other 3D CAD inside the industry and enhance a function. This means SolidWorks to pay close attention to the client demand of constant change all the time, improving a technology all the time the demand with satisfying a client ceaselessly.
Limited company of IT of Hangzhou Hua Rui is a professional software that faces manufacturing industry enterprise to be service object serves advisory trader. The company made American SolidWorks whole world formally 2004 VAR (agency of software of one level rise in value) , the attestation that also is SolidWorks accredit at the same time grooms, exam and technical support center, had the honor to win SolidWorks to issue 2006 " area of 2006 year China is optimal company culture large award " . At present the company serves the industry of many near 1000 manufacturing industry of Yu Huadong area, spread all over industrial machine tool and equipment, aerospace, consumable, electron, shape reach the industry such as the mould, accumulated rich experience, offerred on 1000 software system and solution for these users. Company headquarters is set in Hangzhou, part to set a branch in and other places of Changzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ning Bo, Chengdu or agency, the technical support that provides this locality to change for the client and major serve. We the expectation with surmounting an user, drive development of technology of whole manufacturing industry to be a mission, help manufacturing industry enterprise design better product thereby. Be about to know company detail or watch online product to demonstrate to visit website of Hua Rui company please: or call 0571-88381921, 88381953 (newest market activity seeks advice can call 0571-28035022 of department of Hua Rui market) .
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