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Delcam PartMaker makes the system of first selection CAM of machine of Xi Tieche

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On July 25, 2008, manufacturer of banner Switzerland of Delcam of business of development of world banner CAD/CAM and world lathe machine of Xi Tiecheng essence (Citizen Machinery) reachs strategic partner to concern, in order to popularize Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM (system of process designing of Switzerland straight-cut machine tool) in Xi Tiecheng the user is used mediumly. Delcam and machine of Xi Tiecheng essence reach written agreement in respect of global technology domain and market activity. Cooperative agreement signs a ceremony to be held in company of England of machine of Xi Tiecheng essence.

Regard Xi Tiecheng as the system of first selection CAM of machine of essence of life, system of Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM will become a few a few to be able to satisfy what requirement of Xi Tiecheng diversification and client treatment ask to appoint one of software, for Xi Tiecheng global user and cent sell business place to use. System of Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM also will be in the software of form a complete set that global Xi Tiecheng regards Xi Tiecheng as machine tool of machine of essence of life in machine tool Trade Fair and activity of other business affairs appears.

System of use PartMaker SwissCAM has had the main client of a lot of iron cities nearly 10 years the history, include industry lead company Smith&Nephew, biomet, medtronic, ITT is waited a moment.

PartMaker has patent complete machine tool to emulate

Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM supports the Xi Tiecheng machine tool of all model, deserve to have efficient, reliable aftertreatment implement. It not only support includes A, B, C, K, L, M and R series to wait all and current the new-style number that producing Xi Tiecheng machine tool, also support machine tool of old model of series of the E that already halted production at present, F at the same time. The full treatment that passes software emulates module, iron city user can be in on the west before creating program of accurate numerical control, on their computer the treatment process to Xi Tiecheng machine tool undertakes three-dimensional what is actually happening emulate. Delcam PartMaker also allows Xi Tiecheng user to change process designing outcome another by machine tool of a Xi Tiecheng, whole transition needs to click a mouse easily a few times to be able to be finished only.

"Pervade through Delcam global technology supports platform, the technology of the globalization that Xi Tiecheng's employee, client and agency will experience the PartMaker SwissCAM software that uses to them truly serves, our collaboration will bring new turning point for Xi Tiecheng. " general manager of company of England of machine of Xi Tiecheng essence Mr Geoff Bryant says.

"System of Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM will be in devoted oneself to to bring more powerful productivity for Xi Tiecheng user all the time in 10 years in the past, " Hanan Fishman of chief of branch of Delcam company PartMaker says, "The one big affirmation that Xi Tiecheng decides to comprehensive use Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM is user of service of long-term to us cautious and conscientious, after beginning collaboration, we can provide more high quality service with higher level. We can provide more high quality service with higher level..

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