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Boat of for military use of domestic head sea changes light machine development

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On April 28, navy uses some model gas turbine passes technical appraisement in Shenyang. Serve as the domestic head navy that has completely own intellectual property to change with boat light machine, press contract provision smoothly, protect on schedule finish character should light the development task of machine, satisfy technical index. This model light the successful development of machine, the development that equips to naval motive force has important sense.

Bureau of navy of ministry of equipment of arm of services of bureau of industry of science and technology of national national defense, general assembly army, sea is installed, 59 units of Chinese such as company of group of the first aviation are met 116 times on behalf of the technical appraisement that attends this. Examine through concerning a material, spot examination, listen to development to work relevant report. Meeting expert constituent did not form appraisal relevant examine an opinion.

The committee member of chairman of technical appraisement committee that comprises by 31 experts, virtuous academician of Cai Rui of place of hot physics of project of Chinese Academy of Sciences is on conference closure read out should light machine technical appraisement opinion. Committee thinks to should light machine development the data is complete, content is complete, correct, harmonious, unified; Light engine is main technical index satisfies development to always ask; As home the first model the boat that has completely own intellectual property changes ship marine gas turbine, overall and integrated index achieves international advanced level; In addition, rely on too the development experiment technology of travel engine, provided strong safeguard for the development henceforth. Appraisal committee agrees this naval vessel consistently marine light machine the proposal that pass technical appraisement and offerred succeeding activity.

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