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The development that controls a powerful person to change way in intelligence is

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The intelligence that dominates a powerful person or family is changed and standardization has mentioned the order of the day, intelligence is changed basically use intelligent valve positioner, intelligence turns a table following now respect.
(1) diagnose what dominate a powerful person or family oneself, the intelligent function such as the long-range communication of moving condition, make the government that controls a powerful person convenient, breakdown is diagnosed become easy, also reduced the skill demand to maintaining staff.
(2) reduce product kind, simplify pull current Cheng. The discharge character that uses intelligent valve positioner to be able to change control a powerful person conveniently not only also can improve the control quality that controls a system. Accordingly, reach standardization to controlling the requirement of character of discharge of a powerful person to be able to simplify (for example, only product line character dominates a powerful person or family) . Match with what intelligence changes functional module implementation and character of object be accusinged, make the type that controls product of a powerful person and breed decrease greatly, make the production process that controls a powerful person gets simplifying. Control the variety of a powerful person to decrease, home also has manufacturer to produce complete function to dominate a powerful person or family, the method that these intelligence change will rise ceaselessly, mix in the stand the test in production and market approbate.
(3) the number corresponds. Digital communication will win wide application in dominating a powerful person or family, with HART communication agreement is a foundation, the valve positioner of a powerful person of a few control will input signal and a powerful person signal comes true in same transmission line; It is a foundation with technology of spot bus line, control a powerful person and valve positioner, PID controls functional module to be united in wedlock, make control function comes true in spot class, make danger dispersive, make control more seasonable, quicker.
(4) intelligent valve controller. Intelligent valve positioner has all functions of valve positioner, can improve the trends that dominates a powerful person or family and static character at the same time, raise the control precision that dominates a powerful person or family, accordingly, intelligent valve positioner will be in the control a powerful person with will be become serious inside period of time henceforth assists equipment to be applied extensively.

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