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The sealed component " of pump of oar of broken bits of Bo Deman " obtains a cou

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The reporter made public the understanding on information website to arrive in bureau of intellectual property of country of People's Republic of China a few days ago, the sealed component of pump of oar of a kind of broken bits acquires limited company of weather strip of lukewarm city Bo Deman the invention is patent. Patent date 200720111016.5, this patent invention has entered industrialization stage of production at present, sealed technology obtains the machinery of pump of broken bits oar of own intellectual property of mark our country significant breakthrough.
As we have learned, the sealed component of pump of oar of this broken bits, include static annulus and the combination that move link, the combination that move link include to move annulus, drive to cover with lag, move annulus, drive to cover it is structure of an organic whole with lag, transmission is covered embed inside lag, move annulus and drive to cover build receive cover along with transmission rotate, move annulus and drive to cover between set O form sealing ring, move annulus and static annulus to show slip and sealed cooperate, the back end that uses annulus sets spring between face and lag backlash, top of bedspring one aspect of the matter is on the back end face that changes annulus, the bedspring of backlash of lag of park of bedspring other one aspect of the matter go up, static annulus installation is on pump housing, static annulus and scale of pump housing union set O sealing ring, move annulus to be covered through transmission and lag installation rotates along with impeller on impeller.
It is reported, pump of broken bits oar is used at the industry such as the colliery normally, the stock hardness that passes pump housing is tall, pressure is great. The static annulus outfit of pump of existing broken bits oar is on pump housing, the outfit that move link is on axle sleeve, what realize pump through using the sealing surface of annulus and static annulus is sealed. The pump of broken bits oar of this kind of sealed structure works in high pressure circumstance, powerful actuating pressure can make static annulus and the sealing surface that use annulus detached, bring about pump housing sealed divulge.

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