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Wei Furu invents a powerful person of pulse type blowdown to have the honor to w

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This year on June 25, to Huairen Fu Rulai of farmer the Kingdom of Wei says is a lifelong and unforgettable day. Because be in this day, he received bureau of national intellectual property to issue " a powerful person of pulse type blowdown " invent patent certificate.
This year already Wei Furu of many years old 50 is Huai Ren county a of village of stockaded village of He Jiabao countryside Home Hao average farmer, a powerful person of pulse type blowdown that he invents, can use for closestool or sewer, water consumption is common only implement 1/4. This invention not only can managing and many life uses water, still can prevent well, eliminate peculiar smell. It is reported, at present many companies come actively and Fu Ruqia of the Kingdom of Wei talks about investment collaboration matters concerned.

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