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Homebred nucleus of first 1 million kilowatt 2 class pump today Shanghai gets of

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Country is the at present biggest the main facility of group of nuclear electric machinery- - nucleus of first 1 million kilowatt 2 class pump, get offline in Shanghai this morning.
Nuclear report is a kind of safety, cleanness and advanced the sources of energy, fuel traffic is small, generate electricity cost under igneous report. Nuclear report serves as practical change, commercialize clean the sources of energy to have wide market perspective. Nuclear phone equipment is homebred changing is strategy of development of national nucleus report, nucleus of group of electric machinery of nucleus of 1 billion made of baked clay class 2 class pump, it is nuclear power plant decisive equipment.
Through 3 years of much tough effort, learn to grind through producing collaboration tackles key problem, in digest the foundation that absorbs foreign advanced technique to go up, total factory of build and repair of Shanghai electric power designs production experience and technical advantage by right of equipment of 50 old water pump, nucleus of success of development, design, development 2 class pump, promoted report of Chinese enterprise nucleus the research and development of the product and engineering capability not only, product level also is caught up with and achieve international advanced level, reduced cost of nuclear phone equipment greatly, those who made up for our country to be changed independently in equipment of nuclear report key is blank, nuclear phone equipment is homebred change rate implementation from 50% to 70% span.

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