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Academician of courtyard of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, project is right hy

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Basis " did poineering work 2008 city of stage of innovation academician expert goes " series activity arrangement, zhou Houyuan of academician of courtyard of Song Yuquan of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, project arrived at celestial being to rank a county on September 11, separately thorough enterprise undertakes inspecting guidance. Zhang Jianping of leader of county of celestial being house, Zhu Shoulong is accompanied make an on-the-spot investigation.
On September 11 morning, university of industry of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin exceeds plasticity and Song Yuquan of plasticity institute director to come all right always limited company of machinery of clever hydraulic pressure makes an on-the-spot investigation,
Always ichor controls mechanical limited company is a juice that produces high-powered hydraulic pump casting die major produces a business, this company with respect to " pump of lamina of low noise of PV2R high pressure drops noise project " , " temperature rise of variable lamina pump controls technical issue " , " SQP child issue of technology of pump of mother type lamina " waited for side issue to undertake to Song Yuquan academician. Song Yuquan academician says, always technology of pump of low noise lamina has the dominant product maximum pressure that ichor controls mechanical limited company innovation sex, reach domestic advanced level, the company continues to undertake to product structure deepness development will have wide perspective, express to will endeavor to provide technical support for this company.

The Yuan Laixian after week of project courtyard academician resides a county to inspect poineering innovation of enterprise of medical chemical industry work,
Be in visited city of stage of limited company of pharmacy of Zhejiang car head, Zhejiang on the spot after limited company of chemical industry of Qing Quan medicine listened to the introduction of 2 companies relevant condition seriously, the result that to me place of industry of prefectural medicine chemical industry obtains gave Zhou Houyuan academician sufficient affirmation and high opinion, he hopes enterprise of chemical industry of my county medicine continues to hold to own innovation road, aggrandizement technology innovates, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise, go up again for the enterprise a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position makes vigorous effort. Inspecting guidance while, all sorts of technology difficult problem that Zhou Houyuan academician still solved industry technology personnel meticulously to put forward patiently, make they benefit a lot.

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