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The PET that Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch blows bottle compressor to pass Class

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On September 15, 2008, antwerp: Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch the compressor of ZD high pressure that announces this company is subordinate becomes on the world first to be able to pack production to offer security to pass attestation of attestation of the 100% air that do not have oil and Class 0 for PET. This compressor can eliminate bottled water, soft drinks, fruit juice and drink industry effectively to blow bottle in PET any be polluted because of oil and brings risks in the process. The test of attestation of ISO 8573-1 Class 0 is used active most strict test method, and the industrial environment of imitate reality. All do not detect below all sorts of test conditions oil stains, and compress air achieved in oil content respect " Class 0 " the supreme standard of class. Atelasi Kepu already was become at present exclusive technology of an all air that do not have oil already all was passed " Class 0 " the compressor manufacturer of attestation. Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch ZD series product is in the flexibility that preserves high yield PET to blow bottle market place to need and dependability while, still withhold the 40 Bar compressor that has minimum of the most energy-saving, noise.

Importance of the 100% airy that do not have oil

Oily pollution is all bottle equipment and asepsis environment medium invisible the enemy. A lot of bottle workers are in model after base blows model, still need to adopt additional purify measure to ask in order to achieve purity. Even if the oil stains of very little, the pollution that causes from this also enough brings about a product to deteriorate or the poisonous, health to consumer causes harmony of recall of harm, product praise damage and be forced stop production is hand-in-hand the heavy cost that rectifies and reform all right. The compressor of 40 Bar ZD that Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch depends on its unique design, eliminated the risk that be polluted because of oil and causes completely.

By famous independent orgnaization

Technology of Technische Überwachungs-Verein(Germany supervises consortium or " TÜV " ) , use at present most strict test method stalks or branch to Atelasi Kepu ZD compressor had a test. The temperature that checked a dot to use 3 kinds to differ (20 ° C, 40 ° C and 50 ° C) , differ in 3 kinds pressure (25, 30 all possibilities that leave pair of oily pollution with 40 Bar(e)) configuration - particle of liquid, in suspension and vapour undertook determining. Even if is such, also did not discover any oil stains in the air current of output.

Compressor of ZD 40 Bar is the newest Atelasi Kepu that oil content passes attestation of ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 Ke Mo oily technology. Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch to rotate at having oil by right of Z series 2006 the manufacturer that type screw compressor becomes a home to pass Class 0 attestation, be in later the attestation that the other such as screw of piston and centrifugal type, tine type, vortex type, gush water type does not have oily technology place to obtain, speedy establishment its leadership position. The pressure range that these products cover arrives from 300 MBar 40 Bar, capacity is highest can amount to 26000 M³/h. This one newest attestation revealed Atelasi Kepu to stalk or branch to scrupulously abide by affirmatory determination in respect of air purity and client product quality.

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