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Super- thick plastic solder the technology is born in Heibei

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Perplex plastic products company all the time super- thick plastic solder technical difficult problem, there was a solution recently. The programmed control that research and development of limited company of anticorrosive equipment engineering becomes in Heibei Hengshui is plastic solder new technology, came true to exceed high quality of thick plastic product not only one-time solder, and can use the data such as Yu Jubing Xi, polyethylene extensively.

According to introducing, this technology uses warm-up and design of screw extruder unifinication, solder intensity is tall, sealed the effect is good. Be opposite especially broad welding line and ply is in the plastic products of 30 millimeter above, can solder figuration, intensity of welding line machinery is adjacent by solder matrix. Classics test, each index obtains the product completely Germany solders requirement of standard of normative DVS2209-1 technology, can rival with photograph of technology of German MUNSCL company, can satisfy domestic petrifaction to wait for the trade demand to large and anticorrosive equipment.

Dispatch occupied business company on September 23 the introduction, this technology makes plastic solder the sirocco warm-up in the process, solder heats melt, crowded give model to change implemented automation, helix squeezes those who gave new technology to rise to exceed thick plastic products further to solder quality, spell solder new technology to be able to make plastic treatment coils arc solders figuration, the quality of equipment of container of oversize chemical industry that yields 300 tons of above is much better.

Current, the disinfectant that this technology already applied at and other places of Heibei, Shandong is installation of tubing of 10 thousand tons of projects, pvc, large liner of cesspool pvc soft model project of anticorrosive, organic silicon 300 stere storage tank and chloric alkaline project 500 stere the project project such as canister of natrium of second chloric acid.

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