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Successful development exceeds southern valve critical super- exceed critical va

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The course is indefatigable tackle key problem, before southern valve creates limited company, before long successful development develops favorable balance of trade critical, super- exceed critical valve, passed corresponding experiment to detect.
As we have learned, exceed the critical, valve that exceeds those who exceed critical set form a complete set to exceed critical above parameter to introduce entrance product entirely for home at present. Accordingly, the design is made satisfy a exceeding critical aircrew valve is domestic valve production business urgent task.
This company captured valve double pressure designs research from sealed structure successfully in research and development, be able to bear or endure exceed critical parameter C12A bear casting die material is irrigated make technology research, be able to bear or endure super- critical / super- exceed spare parts of valve of critical parameter F91/F92 to forging craft studies a few catastrophe are nodded. Once the product develops a success, by Zhejiang always bureau of fine county science and technology is labelled " project of innovation of science and technology " . They are advancing goods lot actively to turn production now, strive for transform scientific research gain at an early date for productivity.

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