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Couplet weighs in division: litter shine ┱ ? high speed grows
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Grail is low now low go, oil is gotten in drop index, closing quotation hand is achieved piece new low, card index falls greatly on 3% , market confidence equipment is stricken, clinch a deal the quantity continues to maintain level of volume is in the ground. Accordingly, after city looks, the feature with particular attention had done not have how old meaning, clinch a deal the significant factor that the effective enlarge of the quantity becomes prices changeover. Because this is in structure of this kind of weak force is at present medium, investor needs to be participated in carefully, weak force is chosen strong become choose a train of thought generally. Pass dish of face observation, we discover, couplet heavy division takes situation file in, can pay close attention to appropriately.

Couplet heavy division is founded in 1992, it is a high-tech appears on the market company, it is enterprise of production bibcock of equipment of Chinese project machinery, one of 103 first countrywide innovation pilot enterprises. The research and development that the company basically pursues building project, energy project, traffic project to wait for national emphasis infrastructure to build project place to need great and new and high technology to equip is made.

All-around outspread high speed grows

Since 2001, couplet heavy division bought England to keep plant of machine tool of Lu Jie, Hunan in, win the bid the automobile crane of group of industrial environmental sanitation machinery, Pu Yuan, Shaanxi is new factory of bridge of car of machinery of cubic meter of earth, Hunan, these interlink are bought, business of heavy family of the couplet in making extends the many domains such as machinery of machinery of lifting appliance, concrete, environmental sanitation machinery, road surface machinery, cubic meter of earth from original and pure concrete machinery, make the project machine with domestic product most at present complete catenary integrated provider.

8 years in June, company company announcement combines great firm investment bought Italian CIFA equity, and CIFA is at present pump sends Euramerican rank second mechanical manufacturer, also be manufacturer of carriage car of agitate of concrete of Euramerican rank tertiary at the same time, actual strength is abundant. After finish and be bought, the globalization distribution that the company achieved to concrete machinery is sold and serve a site and product and the internationalization of production technology span, became the overlord of Asian concrete machinery very quickly, vast market space is opened gradually.

Large stockholder technology is abundant aid its to develop

Company large stockholder builds ministerial Sha Jian to set mechanical academy, its maintain a technology to get all the time in building mechanical industry army position, have multinomial the formulate record of standard of technology of second nation industry. Company back large stockholder has actual strength of powerful innovation of science and technology, the company already grew industry bibcock, company concrete is mechanical now whole set of equipment, have machinery of heavy equipment, road surface, level the product such as directional drilling equipment is be expert at course of study kind all rank front row. Additional, the outstanding achievement of the company maintains for a long time also continuously high-speed grows, outstanding achievement signs up for in every accrual 0.59 yuan.
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