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Chunlan is formal more renown Xu Gong enters bugle of heavy-duty car blow

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Jiangsu equipment manufacturing industry " arms of the person at the head of a procession " Xu Gong group, will march heavy-duty automobile industry. On September 21 morning, production limited company of car of Nanjing Xu class signs the ceremony that uncover a shop sign spends stage district government to hold in rain. This mark is worn the development strategy that Xu Gong makes company of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of world-class, step the one pace of a materiality. Production limited company of Nanjing Chun Lan car is formal more the name creates limited company for Nanjing Xu Gong car, indicating group of Xuzhou project machinery is powerful enter heavy-duty automobile industry.

10 years ago, chun Lan group and group of Nanjing Dong Chi auto industry cooperate, establish Nanjing Chun Lan car to create limited company, both sides is occupied each 60% with the share of 40% , bridge of core of area of settle rain beautiful stage is street, once produced per year heavy-duty car 8000, sales revenue is controlled 1 billion yuan. In increasingly intense market competition, chun Lan group is carried out strategical adjust, the decision exits heavy steam market. Be in two city of government of provincial Party committee, province and Xuzhou, Nanjing support energetically below, xu Gong and Chunlan come to an agreement, xu Gong lets Chun Lan place hold Chun Lan with sufferring 170 million yuan Motor Corporation is all 60% equity.

Xu is versed in group president Wang Min expresses, to Xu Gong, entering heavy-duty automobile industry is long-term strategy conception all the time. The machine that this business of core of group of Chun Lan of have the aid of adjusts, course of Xu Gong and Jiangsu Chun Lan negotiates, final both sides reached Xu Gong to suffer with 170 million yuan let place of Jiangsu Chun Lan hold Chun Lan Motor Corporation is all the agreement of 60% equity.

As we have learned, because lack the development of large investment and new product, 2007 countrywide heavy-duty lorry year the sale amounts to 500 thousand market to fall, the sales volume of Jiangsu Chun Lan is only 1000. The course negotiates for many times, xu is versed in as final as Chun Lan both sides reached cooperative intent.

Xu Gong suffers allow project of equity of Chun Lan Motor Corporation, since Xu is versed in the industrial capital on the first real significance runs a project, more Xu Gong enters the new production field besides machine of a project for the first time.

It is reported, after entering field of heavy-duty automobile industry, xu Gong will introduce hi-tech and administrative person with ability, quicken technical reformation, promotion craft level, quality is controlled and assure ability, make switch of market of product of good country Ⅲ with the rapiddest rate. Inside 3 years, achieve what design 20 thousand commercial vehicle formerly year of productivity; Strive 5 years inside, year productivity promotes 50 thousand. Will throw 500 million yuan this year, accelerate a country the test and verify of Ⅲ engine and switch, the research and development that accelerates new model and make.
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