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Circumference bearing: 3 years growth has gain ability future assure
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3 years growth has future of ability of circumference bearing gain assure. Circumference bearing outstanding achievement carried on first half of the year 2008 the outstanding achievement high speed since 2007 becomes long state, business income and net profit in pairs grow considerably, wool interest rate grows considerably compared to the same period, amount to 47.64% , rose compared to the same period 3.38 percent, with industry of other project machinery gain ability gives now to slip first half of the year form bright contrast. Because,this basically is:

(Demand of market of 1) company product is exuberant, of circumference bearing advocate battalion product is slewing ring, the crucial component that regards a project as mechanical, heavy machinery, haven machinery, the company has capacity of higher market excessive price, in recent years downstream industry grows together with rapid, grow considerably to the market demand of slewing ring, because this market accepted the product of company slewing ring to order valence;

(Structure of 2) company product upgrades apparently, 7 years project of IPO collect capital begins go into operation first half of the year this year, slewing ring and high-power slewing ring belong to exact form high-end product, among them slewing ring basically supplies exact form big tonnage grab and crane, average wool interest rate can be achieved 48% , 2-3 of tower above of more original than the company product percent. The price of big slewing ring of above of 3 meters of diameters amounts to 15-20 10 thousand yuan / , basically use at the domain such as report of crawler crane, haven circumgyrate crane, war industry, wind, can replace entrance product, price photograph compares 30-50%; of foreign product petty gain

(Situation of competition of market of 3) slewing ring industry is favorable, what form direct competition with circumference bearing is Xuzhou Luote Ade, produce per year slewing ring 30 thousand above, circumference bearing the product is close 2007 40 thousand, exceeded Xuzhou Luote Ade, dimensions of production enterprise of the others slewing ring slants small, produce per year a quantity on average to be covered in 4000-6000 / or so years, and it is common in the slewing ring that encircles a type. Luote moxa heart regards Xuzhou as the joint ventures, foreign the acting skill base that regards China as its only, do not take home market seriously, because this its market share is caught up with quickly by circumference bearing.

(Trend of diversity of 4) company product is clear with each passing day, observe sales revenue norm, at present project machine issued tourist door to occupy the company 50% above of total client sales revenue, basically be medium intelligence of couplet heavy division, 31 heavy industry, the land of country, Xuzhou is heavy-duty wait for company of machinery of domestic famous project, the sales revenue of client of machine of the project when just appearing on the market than the company of 60% above occupy than, had dropped apparently. The applied range of slewing ring is very wide, the domain such as heavy machinery, mine machinery, haven machinery, content shedding, new energy resources, war industry, medical treatment has the product requirement of slewing ring, but taller to the performance demand of the product, the enterprise mastered relevant heat treatment to machine ability of craft and machine treatment craft to satisfy client requirement only, 5 before the slewing ring that these field place want counts an import entirely almost, the aggravate that supplies bottleneck as domestic slewing ring and domestic design, improvement that machines a level, circumference bear, the client that the enterprise such as Xuzhou Luote Ade begins to be afore-mentioned domains offers a product, circumference bearing predicts client sales revenue occupied its project machine to come than will falling 20010 20% the left and right sides, at the appointed time the client income scale of industry of heavy machinery, new energy will increase apparently. The company already supplied slewing ring for army exposure at present, predicting future 1-2 year supply will grow department of; additional grandfather gain certain headway in near future of wind report domain steadily, two when be in report of He Huarun, Hunan and Beijing Shanghai at present whole mechanisms build enterprise negotiation to supply slewing ring product big rounds, second half of the year can obtain the likelihood this year order. Be based on afore-mentioned reasons, interest rate will maintain the wool that we think the company did not come 3 years to rise steadily passageway, predicting 2008-2010 year level of wool interest rate is 44.93% , 48.69% with 50.20% .
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