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Mansion class share is searched western buy an object

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Mansion is versed in Dong Bi Wang Zhiyong represented share a few days ago, produce as company Jiao Zunji land can (first phase) release and complementary model the development of the product, the sale of fork-lift truck of predicting second half of the year will still carry the state that grows more quickly, position of the tertiary inside the industry can maintain. Additional, mansion labour will abound product line ceaselessly, through mount a horse complementary model product and seek a partner, realize an enterprise do do greatly strong.

"This year first half of the year, sales volume of accumulative total of countrywide fork-lift truck is one hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and forty-nine, compared to the same period amplitude is amounted to 30.5% . In the meantime, the main dragon skull such as labour of farther Xiang Liu, dragon labour, mansion labour, Chang Lin does share of fork-lift truck market industry concentration. " when Mao Hong of deputy secretary-general of branch of earth-moving machinery of association of industry of Chinese project machinery was analysing domestic fork-lift truck to develop a condition a few days ago repeatedly, express so.

The likelihood is bought western enterprise

Mansion is versed in newspaper of share half an year shows, in cost pressure bigger case falls, the company is overall first half of the year the level of average wool interest rate of the product is 16.61% , than last year the corresponding period increased 1.2 percent, than last year annual falls slightly 0.11 percent.

Wang Zhiyong expresses, overall the wool interest rate of the product depends on without the reason that drops considerably, the product experienced the fork-lift truck of the company for many times to raise price first half of the year, the crucial component such as the bridge box of the company is self-restrained rate is constant rise. Additional, also because company cost is relative inferior anxious make a factory produce can release.

And in steel assist the near future predicts, the yield of steel products of home of second half of the year can continue to grow with crop general, domestic steel products needs for be more than likely, steel price has the pressure of be issued to lower levels. If this kind of circumstance is confirmed, the gross profit that mansion of second half of the year is versed in leads a level to be able to maintain.

Wang Zhiyong discloses, mansion labour is asking international at present well-known advisory company is done for the company " 5 years the strategy plans " . In layout anxious on made base, do not eliminate a company to buy appropriate western project machinery company.

Product line development upgrades be worth to expect

All the time since, regard old brand fork-lift truck as manufacturer, mansion is versed in manufacturing fork-lift truck is in the majority with 5 tons of series, 80% what take total sales volume. Wang Zhiyong says, in last few years the company perfects the product catenary of fork-lift truck ceaselessly, development goes 6 tons, 8 tons of fork-lift truck products with 12 tons, among them the crucial component of 6 tons of products - bridge box, cast abstain basically, produce per year be close to 1000, did not come to a company 2 years to plan to promote output of product of 6 tons of series to 3000 or so, wool interest rate is maintained in the level of 20% . Through last year November directional add hair, the company uses collect endowment to mansion facilities of company of labour bridge box is transformed 132 million yuan, the design is produced can reach 30 thousand from 15 thousand promotion.

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