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Eaves connects 32 tons of heavy industry YT3501 mine to get offline with dump tr
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On September 25, 2008, the eaves that body drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders spends connects 32 tons of heavy industry YT3501 mine to use dump truck slowly sail next product line, the mark is worn Zhengzhou eaves tells a group the mine of own research and development has finished trial-produce with the car, this product will be pushed formally before long to the market. So far, the eaves of change quickly tells the new player that a heavyweight increased again on product catenary.

Special honored guest: The agent pays close attention to ahead of schedule

Attend YT3501 mine to get offline with dump truck of the ceremony, media of the leader that tells heavy worker worker except eaves and personnel of research and development, industry is senior outside the reporter, still have a special group -- attention eaves connects heavy factory to use the car, has actual strength dealer that is about to become acting eaves to connect heavy factory to use a car.

After the word that understands the preparation that weigh labour to produce mine to use a car in hear eaves, a few agents and user for many times Muming comes to Zhengzhou, look around and understand the function of this product and manufacturing technology, after visiting end, a lot of characteristic that tall, life grows low, dependability filled cost of big to the loading capacity that YT3501 mine uses dump truck, operation confidence, show huge in succession cooperative interest and buy intention. This the product gets offline formally, they also come see attention long already " cosset " it is what appearance after all.

A when come from Henan mesa boss that is about to become eaves to connect mine to use car agent says, eaves connects heavy industry to always hold to " come times more frequently in person, whole journey trusts " the brand manages a concept, when designing a product, be with the person this, sell and the center is with the client after carry out, all sorts of products are in the public praise in the user is very good all the time. Put in the market as what YT3501 mine uses dump truck, be sure to make the new window of the market, they have confidence and eaves to connect mine to develop together with the car expand.

Setting of research and development: Market prospect is capacious

Suffer in recent years GDP high speed grows pull move, use the 5 large trades related facility for transporting with mine (cliff of lime of colliery of mine of nonferrous metal of iron ore of irrigation works of water and electricity, open air, open air, open air, cement) development is rapid, the blame highway transportation volume that 5 large trades generate exceeds 10 billion tons. The development as national economy and specialization of degree rise, the requirement that these industry counterpoise card, mine uses the special carriage tool such as lorry of car, join with a hinge will increase continuously. According to investigation, domestic mine uses car market scale tremendous. 2007, only the market sale of domestic manufacturer exceeds 1 billion yuan of RMBs, predicting vendibility dimensions will with annual the stability of 20% above speed grows, potential is tremendous.
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