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Oil cylinder of 500 tons of crane of Xu fluid company completes development wor

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500 tons of automobile crane are Xu weighs the key product this year, xu fluid company produces manufacturer as the form a complete set of oil cylinder, hammer and tongs, serious organization carries out the trial-produce of oil cylinder of form a complete set, completed development work smoothly on August 25.

After the outline drawing of oil cylinder product that receives leader plant, xu fluid company held water to taste development group newly instantly, detailed schedule plans formulate, serious organization is carried out. The technology develops a ministry for many times to undertake with heavy-duty plant the technology is communicated, understand lead plane operating mode to ask in detail, study optimal plan jointly with personnel of heavy-duty plant technology on key key link, pass design evaluation, finish preparation of ability technology file smoothly.

Whole product produces level, can say big, time tightens difficulty, it is a challenge to designing craft branch and production to make a system. Make country's at present biggest crane oil cylinder as first time, the difficult nature that encounters is self-evident, face difficulty, join the club of staff concerted effort of development work, captured another difficult problem: The piston lever grinding with 14 meters long oil cylinder of make a long arm broke through the process capability of existing equipment, pass what after undertaking transforming to 12 meters of grinder, finish; The crock canister of 14 meters of factories is machining oil cylinder of make a long arm undertook innovating on craft, those who made sure crock canister is machined is successful finish; The plug system of oil cylinder of make a long arm, was to break through original design form more on the structure, in machining a process the breakthrough has cutting tool restriction, those who assured crock head is successful finish.

The trial-produce of oil cylinder of this big tonnage, mean Xu fluid company to rise to a new height again for ability of form a complete set of big tonnage crane and level. Appear as what Xu weighs 500 tons of crane, the oil cylinder that believes Xu fluid also will give our person of the same trade and even whole crane industry a shock!

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