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Couplet weighs in division: In project machine tycoon value for a long time

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The research and development that the company basically pursues building project, energy project, traffic project to wait for national emphasis infrastructure to build project place to need great and new and high technology to equip is made, its are big Sha Jian of partner construction minister sets mechanical academy, its maintain a technology to get all the time in building mechanical industry army position, have multinomial the formulate record of standard of technology of second nation industry. Back large stockholder has actual strength of powerful innovation of science and technology, the company already grew industry bibcock, company concrete is mechanical now whole set of equipment, have machinery of heavy equipment, road surface, level the product such as directional drilling equipment is be expert at course of study kind all rank front row.

Be put into trouble drops considerably at grail, the company makes the second line that is reduced by the fault blue prepare breed, at present its city is filled with rate only 10 times the left and right sides, appraise value is very reasonable already, zhou Eryi is maintained like that strong arrange, k line shows bull to arrange, hind attack on city hopeful concussion, can meet low participate in.

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