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Intelligence of the land of country marchs in dig, forklift domain will give yie

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Intelligence of the land of country advocate battalion is small dig, picket project machine, rock drilling machine 3 kinds of big products. The company will enter field of medium-sized grab, forklift gradually 2008, two products all can achieve yield 2009. Intelligence of the land of country already was formed include modelling of market research, exterior, equipment, hydraulic pressure electronic-controlled system when the system of research and development that overall design, machining complex designs inside. The analysis on the technology, this already considerably callback, can pay close attention to. Besides, intelligence of the land of country and Dongxing of north of the Huaihe River are joint-stock establish Inc. of equipment of mining industry of Anhui the land of country, march the colliery is mechanical, area the window that the advantage will be joint-stock company.

Small the point of growth of main outstanding achievement that digging still is intelligence of the land of country, annual predicted the enterprise 2008 small dig crop to be close to 5000, fall after a rise of rolled steel price will be helpful for the stability of company wool interest rate.

The scale from grab and fork-lift truck, small dig the proportion that holds grab in light of two angle, the development space of small-sized grab of prospective our country still very capacious, foreground is agreed to value, this also explained why the reason that in recent years numerous manufacturer enters field of this one product. 6t is reached first half of the year this year the following small dig a product to add fast drop rapid, because this kinds of product is given priority to with exporting Europe,basically be, of European Union economy put what delay caused demand to decrease; And of 6-10t product and 10-15t product add fast still very fast, because this kinds of product is main contented inside need, demand situation still better.

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