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Project machine: Produce can the cash after dilate flows pressure steep add
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Come nearly one year, as one falls that industry of machinery of domestic and international project buys, the foreign spy Rex, group that fight hill moves again and again, on 100 million dollars are bought the record is uninterrupted appear; Home market, foreign capital buys pace also accelerating, card spy those is strapped wholy-owned buy hill to be versed in mechanical, Woerwo buys Shandong to face labour, Manituowake to accuse partner Yue Chong to be versed in; Domestic company, couplet heavy division buys Shaanxi one after another in new Huang Gong, Hua Tai weighs CIFA of labour, Italy, liu Gong buys Zhenchong to bring profit, hill pushs share to buy Hubei Hunan day, it is under the industrial catenary of quickness dilate, company cash flows pressure to increase ceaselessly, how the focal point that decompression makes an enterprise work. This year first half of the year, project machine board piece manage flow of mobile only cash every on average of the company to be - 0.16 yuan, eliminate is seasonal element, machinery board piece management sex cash flows a state to glide gradually; The trend that indebted rate also presents the asset of the enterprise to rise stage by stage, integral management environment appears adverse change.
Below such setting, since this year, heavy division of the couplet in including, Liu Gong and hill pushed the much home company that waits inside to spread out large-scale annex to buy again, this is met undoubtedly to the enterprise this hard already cash flows one disaster after another. And the company cash after the key of the problem also depends on high speed dilate flows whether glide in demand, the normal operation that a company supports below the pressure with constrictive credit.
Product characteristic decides capital intensity pitch
With the couplet in enterprise of bibcock of concrete pump car heavy division is exemple. The cash of every management sex first half of the year sheds this company this year for - 0.17 yuan, cash shedding is more nervous. Notable is, in the receivable Zhang money first half of the year amounts to couplet heavy division 2.629 billion yuan, imprest Zhang money amounts to 1.175 billion yuan, grow respectively compared to the same period 56.50% with 137.48% . Couplet weighs calm of the newspaper in the division in bear, imprest Zhang money increases faster because the company pays,be buy new Huang Gong to reach add endowment money to wait bring about. Generally speaking, the risk that the immediate consequence that receivable Zhang money increases is grow in quantity of Zhang of play a dirty trick rises. This follows enterprise oneself to be led to increase the market to have already reduce the element such as terms of payment to concern, manage environmental aggravation likely also to concern with the industry. As we have learned, there was partial enterprise to take a product inside concrete equipment industry at present with old change new, reduce the method such as sale contract terms of payment to maintain sales revenue to add fast, this explained from flank the external environment of second half of the year still puts concrete equipment industry in the likelihood of farther aggravation this year.
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