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Xu is versed in mechanical whole appears on the market pull open heavy curtain

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News reporter Chen Dao reports our newspaper today: In with the foreigner triumphant thunder says to do obeisance to after doing obeisance to, limited company of machinery of project of Xu industry group (group of industry of Xu of the following abbreviation) asset accuses infuse appear on the market company Xu Gong science and technology, fat water does not shed others cropland, xu industry group be able to whole appears on the market. Ability of Xu engineering course (000425) was released now to accuse a partner Xu to be versed in the group is not the announcement that issues share publicly to buy property. This are second reading will hold on October 10 temporarily shareholder plenary meeting is discussed.

The basis buys transaction, this second blame issues share publicly to the project enginery that accuses a partner Xu to be versed in the group buys his to have high grade asset, include Xu to be versed in the group holds some directly Xu Gong is heavy-duty 100% equity of 90% equity of 90% equity of mechanical company of 60% equity of 50% equity of 90% equity, company of fluid casting die, special car company, special type, lorry crane company, company of imports and exports, and center of the registered trade mark that Xu is versed in machinery is had, test is relevant asset (contain indebted) etc. Evaluate fiducial day with was on July 31, 2008, the asset book value of mark one billion seven hundred and eighty-three million and twenty-seven thousand five hundred yuan, evaluate valence to be worth five billion three hundred and nine million two hundred and twenty thousand three hundred yuan, evaluate appreciation to lead 197.76% . Should evaluate value already Jiangsu to save Xuzhou city country endowment appoint approve. This second trade the price is five billion three hundred and nine million two hundred and twenty thousand three hundred yuan namely.

This second trade issue valence to be a company the 5th board of directors is dozenth second conference (temporarily) resolution announcement day (on July 25, 2008) trade before 20 times day company stock trades all valence, namely 16.47 yuan / (share price of Xu Gong science and technology closes at yesterday 13.99 yuan) , issue share amount to be three hundred and twenty-two million three hundred and fifty-seven thousand and thirty-one. Xu Gong before trading is mechanical 33.80% equity of ability of hold Xu engineering course, trade a scale is held to will be added after finishing to 58.40% , spark should buy obligation about. Xu project machine needs to agree with its to avoid via company shareholder plenary meeting buy at giving out should make an appointment with backward Chinese card inspect can put forward exempt to want to buy compulsory application about, inspect of classics China card can be bought to its consentient agree with exempt its should buy obligation about rear can carry out.

Xu industry group is in China comprehensive strength of project machinery industry is already successive and old rank the first, it is operation of industry of Chinese project machinery the group of state-owned and large company with the the biggest, biggest force. Accuse a partner actual strength driving, but ability of Xu engineering course manages outstanding achievement however not beautiful. 2006, reached 2007 2008 1 - every company earnings was 0.01 yuan respectively June / , 0.05 yuan / mix 0.002 yuan / . Xu industry group is passed this second trade the Xu Gong that will have is heavy-duty wait for infuse of the core business related to project machine, high grade asset to appear on the market company, will from go up at all improvement appears on the market company profit ability. Buy transaction to forecast, according to reached 2007 2008 1 - forred reference July amalgamative and financial report, if this second trade to was finished on January 1, 2007, every profit that the company realized 2007 is 0.94 yuan / , 2008 1 - was 0.94 yuan July / , the asset quality of the company and gain ability get rising apparently.
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