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Innovation plan force is amounted to to aid the machine that insert tine to inse
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In the distance that inserts tine machine to approach international tip level quickly in home, innovation automation program was amounted to to produce main effect again in.
On international, gear plant is being changed along miniaturization, high speed, standardization way develops. According to numerical control principle, applied personal computer undertakes to tooth flank of helix of annulus face worm parabola is repaired form, had applied at production, it has important sense to raising gear to make quality and technical standard. Accuracy class rises to also make gear workmanship gets the development of very old rate with what manufacture efficiency. But in home, this still is in start level.
Regard the leader of global automation business as the brand, the stage amounts to electronic group subsidiary -- in amount to report to connect the powerful support that depends on a parent company, devote oneself to to be industry client to promotion automation makes a standard and try hard all the time, thorough each domains, with innovation science and technology and perfect unifinication the solution enhances client competition ability. Recently, report is amounted to to connect in transmit news of victory, successful help Yichang some company upgrades transform the machine that insert tine to control a system. Use half an year comes, this system is stable, reliable, treatment precision gets rising greatly, solved this quandary since general director is long.
Through complex mutual correlation the movement completes the production process of gear, if feed must hold positional control with the movement that retreat a knife, can cause the damage of cutting tool or workpiece otherwise, this asks to comparative to controlling systematic accuracy strict. Electric all is amounted to to cross beforehand to think investigation, integratedly in, recombine has the characteristic of series product and advantage oneself, for this company the quantity had something made to order personally the assorted solution that amounts to the product such as servo of transducer of controller of monitor of series product text version to form with the stage.
The main shaft transducer of this system is the function that will finish seesaw to make fast angrily through a balance; Use card of a DVP-F2DA to control the rate of two transducer, saved cost greatly; The servo that adds an odd axis to locate module DVP01PU-H controls an ASD A -A1021LA by of PLC-DVP80EH00R2 comes graduation position control. No matter this system is precision of the exterior of equipment, electric pilot, still answer the many sided such as speed, make client and its technology personnel consistent and satisfactory. After 10 lasher terminal applies on the spot, the system is stable, reliable, did not appear any technical issues.
The success of this company transforms the gold character that report amounts to to connect in confirming again and service. Inserting tine machine domain not only, the domain waits in treatment of spin, balata, medicine, food, report is amounted to to connect in also again and again of results of battle, the guest makes the solution everywhere that change see, more and more clients are benefited because of this blame is shallow. We believe, the professional group that report amounts to to connect in makes the personalized plan that give, will arrive deep each corner of motherland earth, the integral standard that our country makes equipment promotes in the round need day middling finger can be waited for!
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