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Neighborhood group builds mechanical product to appear on exposition of building
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Came on September 26, 2008 on September 28, exposition of building materials of international of Dan of Chinese Heibei Han was in center of conference of international of Heibei Han Dan to be held ceremoniously 2008. Exposition of Han Dan building materials is save federation of housing materials of people government, China, China to build adornment association to be sponsorred jointly by Heibei, gathered together well-known trademark enterprise participates in more than 100 international jointly, congress with " green, energy-saving, collaboration, win-win " give priority to a problem, in order to raise level of science and technology of our country building materials, accelerate enterprise structural adjustment to be a target, realize industry of our country building materials to span hard type develops, extend the production of energy-saving building materials and green process energetically, strengthen collaboration to realize win-win. During exposition of Han Dan building materials, fair of construction machinery of the 2nd Central Plains is held at the same time outside exhibiting a house, neighborhood group attended with new and high product and product of new-style form a complete set this second exhibit meeting, get favorable result.

Exhibit this can attract many 30 construction machinery that comes from countrywide each district to produce a business, concentration exhibited a few medium or small building construction equipment, the series flat tamper that extends production of on the meeting a few small business, burnish planer of machine, mill, windlass holds a dominant position on the amount, one part is small-sized crane, grab, assemble and unassemble machine, with cabinet motor-driven agile, the price is substantial and conspicuous. Additionally a few large agitate facility, remove heavy equipment product to appear to be met at exhibiting with its respective and particular characteristic.

Neighborhood group exhibits the compares with price of high quality, tall sex product dominant on the meeting in this whole meeting is exhibited, concentration revealed concrete agitate to carry agitate of elevator of machine of conveyer of pump of car, concrete earth, mortar pump, helix, tower, construction, concrete series of machine of burden of lead plane of agitate of concrete of station, JS2000, concrete and machine of building materials stripping and slicing. Product with quality reliable, technology is advanced and beautiful craft is made, gained the favour of broad client. In exhibit during the meeting, team of neighborhood group yangko still is in the Hai Yang old a popular rural folk dance that exhibited the itinerate inside the area to perform Ceng Can to add performance of Beijing Olympic Games, the performance style with yangko humor and humorous team member won the enthusiastic applause of broad guest, brought the overflow of Shandong folk art to enjoy to Central Plains people, left deep impression!

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