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Machine of Xu Gong spy: "Quality month " the activity will spread out in the rou
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2008 is special management of aircraft company own quality deepens executive crucial a particular year, this company is supervised according to quality of department of propaganda of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, nation examine the 5 ministries and commissions such as quarantine bureau give out jointly " about beginning " 2008 countrywide quality month " mobile announcement " , and the requirement of group company, around " hold to own government, study promotes actual strength, build quality levee in all " theme, begin in the round " quality month " each activity activity.

Special aircraft company " quality month " the activity will spread out from 5 respects:

Be system of management of 2 level quality is perfect reach advance carry out. Special the function obligation that aircraft company manages each area undertook readjust allocate, each production area is aimed at what respective function, duty has file of 2 class system to refine edit.

2 it is to begin a key to offer just visit, solve crucial quality problem. The propulsion that combines this company to manage leakage project needs, special the relevant personnel such as center of department of government of quality of aircraft company organization, technology undertakes hydraulic pressure and dynamical system key are offerred just visit, in the light of production the spot reachs the issue with long-standing market, with for just be being communicated, form plan of practical improvement in quality, ensure improve through coming two rounds, solve crucial quality problem.

3 it is to drive development of QC group activity to begin. During quality month, special aircraft company reports activity of constituent QC group the informal discussion, ask each QC group puts forward an activity to launch the issue that exists in the process, quality of implementation QC of a mass character manages an activity to be improved continuously, form employee consciousness in the company truly, begin quality of QC of a mass character to manage good atmosphere of the activity eagerly.

4 it is to begin statistical technology to groom, promote backbone employee quality government ability. Become the person carry out of quality management, custodian to make employee self-conscious, become the Palladium of station job or objective quality, special aircraft company will reach mass with backbone of activity of group of personnel of each unit statistic, QC, technology relevant administrator gives priority to those who have relevant quality knowledge to groom, make employee learns to use relevant tool in the job, understand relevant tool use skill, in level of rich individual knowledge while, promotion applies these tools to solve the ability of the problem.

5 it is to begin an user to visit a service actively, raise user satisfaction to spend. Special aircraft company will organize the sectional staff such as technology, production, undertake the user visits a service actively, solve an user to use the issue that exists in the process in the product, reduce an user to complain. In the meantime, begin a product actively to use those who reach performance side to groom, enhance user operation and maintenance technical ability, reduce market feedback, find out the crucial point of the respect such as efficiency of influence product quality, service quality, service, raise user satisfaction to spend continuously.
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