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Chance of port of capacious Zhen Hua is about to send market of maritime lifting
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Advantage of container crane domain is clear container crane is capital, technology, labor concentrated model enterprise, the company is in the technology, dominant position that serves a field hard shake. The other competitor waits for a respect as a result of cost, raw material inferior position on international is opposite hard orgnaization of Zhen Hua harbor becomes menace.

Market of global haven container grows the past 8 years steadily, global container commerce and giant the freeboard that the development of ship line of business drove container crane fast development, predict heavy equipment will enter stable development period since container henceforth, container crane will bring stable profit and cash to flow to chance of Zhen Hua port. At present the hand grasps opportunity of Zhen Hua harbor order of 3.8 billion dollar, 9 years of outstanding achievement are firm in have litre.

What market of maritime lifting appliance extends the development space the sources of energy of the company is in short supply it is the majorrest problem that place of prospective whole world faces, marine petrolic is developed will be prospective mankind gets petrolic certain way, market of maritime lifting appliance is broad, the major servicing direction of the future that makes machine of Zhen Hua harbor. Already successful production finished chance of Zhen Hua port 4000 tons, 7500 tons but the task of circumgyrate floating crane, obtained the order of 8000 tons of floating crane that decide an arm. 9 years of order of company in the new business side such as floating crane and steel structure will arrive at the 20% above of total portfolio.

Steel structure business starts another rapid steel structure is company preparation development new business, the market is wide, chance of Zhen Hua port has obtained the multinomial order such as big bridge of new bay of wind report mast and san Francisco, start rapid, development scene is good.