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Drive Xu Gong to do for bibcock with research and development of science and tec
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On September 8 afternoon, xu Ming is versed in emphasize when group survey in Xu, the ability of innovation of science and technology that should take project machinery industry seriously highly. Promote enterprise fission with research and development of science and technology, drive an enterprise to do with fission do greatly strong. Xia Wenda and city are in charge of a comrade participating in survey about the branch.

That day, xu Ming comes to research center of test of Xu industry group early or late, inspected intelligence to control lab of lab, fluid casting die, drive on the spot lab and structural member lab, understanding Jiangsu (Xuzhou) project machine academy builds a case.

According to provincial Party committee, province the government revitalizes deploy of strategy of base of Xuzhou old industry, project machine is the pillar property that Xuzhou city develops mainly next. The bibcock enterprise that Xu is versed in the group regards Xuzhou project as mechanical industry, get used to new condition actively, seize new opportunity, quicken own innovation pace, came true to be able to last, span type develops. This year 1 reach twenty-nine billion one hundred and sixty-seven million yuan to realized business income August, industrial sales revenue twenty-one billion seven hundred and six million yuan, grow respectively 51.3% with 40% , implementation profit tax 2.15 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 584 million dollar, grow respectively 51.2% with 60.3% . Xu industry group is in in couplet of look forward to is newest released 2008 China rank 168 in rank of 500 strong companies, ascend industry of machinery of project of group of one's life experience 15 strong.

Xu Ming goes out in speaking middle finger, branch of research and development of science and technology is Xu Gong is done make strong core greatly, promote research and development of science and technology the standard, have important strategic sense to promoting Xu Gong the innovation ability of the group and integrated competition ability. Xu Gong should be built " home top-ranking, international is influential " enterprise, should build department of research and development of science and technology into above all " home top-ranking, international is influential " branch of research and development. Jiangsu (Xuzhou) after project machine academy is established, want with overall research and development is core, drive component research and development and construction of product quality system, be in hard overall the respect such as application of technology of patent of research and development, crucial component and product quality control creates more own intellectual property, drive the promotion of company competition ability.

How to enhance ability of innovation of industry science and technology, build good Jiangsu (Xuzhou) project machine academy, xu Ming puts forward to asked at 3 o'clock. Above all, want resource of integrated technology qualified personnel, pay attention to produce learn to grind union, seek the cooperation that waits for a branch with the college actively, ability letting a person produces the biggest effect truly. The 2nd, want to optimize system ceaselessly, form incentive mechanism, increase the talent's enthusiasm, accomplish a person to use up its just, just use up its to use. The 3rd, want to improve soft hardware condition ceaselessly. Each should seize the opportunity that promotes base of Xuzhou old industry about the branch, help Xu Gong strive for Xu of relevant policy; actively to be versed in the group wants to increase science and technology to throw, make academy construction home the base of project machine research and development with top-ranking, advanced international.
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