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Tianjin moves limited company of hill project machinery is held establish celebr

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On September 27 morning, tianjin Victoria international is permeated with enthusiastic and auspicious atmosphere everywhere in the hotel greatly, the first bulldozer of Chinese is born 50 years celebration and Tianjin move limited company of hill project machinery establishs a ceremony to be held ceremoniously in ferry.

Wang Zhiping of deputy mayor of city of Ming Zhong of president Liu of company of group of burgeoning casting canal, Tianjin, classics of city of Chen Chunsheng of secretary of Yang Bin of president of the burgeoning limited company that weigh labour, Party committee, Tianjin appoint director Li Chaoxing and trifling of Tianjin city Heibei appoint, the leader of guild of machine of branch of district government, local government, project, with the leader of trade unit, brother unit, delegate of partial supplier, agent, direct user, factory has successively held the posts of factory director, secretary, part to often be led, the 200 more than person such as backbone of technology of trial-produce of the first bulldozer attends celebration activity. Mechanically-laid web of Hui Cong project, " Tianjin daily " , Tianjin " sign up for tonight " , " Chinese industry signs up for " , " international engineering is mechanical " the news media leader such as the magazine also is attended on invitation. The factory also sends congratulatory telegram in foreign agency.

In the morning 11: 18 minutes, the first bulldozer of Chinese is born 50 years and Tianjin moves limited company of hill project machinery establishs celebration ceremony to laugh in the joyous sound of all circles guest in language begin formally. Zhang Youping of secretary of factory Party committee chairs celebration ceremony, factory director Liu Shaohong causes greeting decline, factory director Liu is opposite each to lead the arrival that reachs guest to express to welcome ardently in welcoming decline. At the same time he leads the brilliant course that introduced a plant 50 years with guest to everybody. The autumn 1958, old generation " move hill person " in Chinese project machine the draw on phylogeny gave gorgeous one page, they are in do not have blueprint, 2 fall without the craft, 3 circumstances that do not have special device, it is self-made, difficult to eliminate, through 52 days fight bravely continuously, proper motion development goes bulldozer of the first crawler of Chinese, " move hill - 80 " . This action, make the factory came true to maintain the essential sex that makes to lead plane to transform by project machine not only, more the beginning that initiated Chinese proper motion to develop crawler bulldozer. Come 50 years, factory proper motion develops " move hill - 100, 120, 160, 180 " series bulldozer, led domestic industry of a few years to develop way. Technology of bulldozer of series of the D60 of Japanese small pine that took the lead in introducing 1985, D65, shortened greatly we and international are advanced horizontal distance. It is a foundation with this, finished army to list those who assemble a product to upgrade replacement. Development went 2001 have domestic innovation technology, international the power of TYD200 quiet hydraulic pressure of advanced level changes module type to bulldozer, reflected further " pursuit technology is banner, make move hill high-quality goods " " move hill " tenet.

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