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Heart interest hydraulic pressure wishs you are happy mid-autumn
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In the day of a such good happiness, if there still is a dear one beside you, if there still is a lover beside you, receive next my true blessings please, cherish everything existing!

I wish the person is long, a thousand li in all lovely wowan!

Add: Mid-autumn antecedents, turn from Baidu to know

Because annual the traditional Chinese calendar on August 15, it is traditionalMid-autumn festival. It is the metaphase of a year of autumn at this moment, be called so mid-autumn.

In Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar, it is the four seasons a year minutes, every season is divided again for the first month, intermediate, season 3 parts, also weigh midautumn mid-autumn consequently. The moon of 15 was compared in August other the full moon of a few months is rounder, brighter, be called again so " lunar evening " , "In August section " . This night, if jade is like,people looks up at a sky dish bright bright moon, natural meeting expects family to reunite. Far the boy far away from home in an alien land, also borrow this to place this to be opposite the affection of the longing of birthplace and family member. So, say again mid-autumn " the Mid-Autumn Festival " .

Our country people has in ancient time " month of autumn evening night " consuetudinary. Evening month, namely hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to Luna. Arrived Zhou Dai, whenever night should be held mid-autumn,greet cold with month of hold a memorial ceremony for. Set old incense burner table, place the oblation such as moon cake, watermelon, apple, red jujube, plum, grape, among them moon cake and watermelon are absolutely cannot little. Watermelon cuts lotus account even. Below the month, put lunar God in that direction of the moon, gong Zhugao is lighted, family person is ordinal the moon that do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for, reunion by incision of n/COL the head of a family housewife next moon cake. Cut person calculates good family to share how many person beforehand, those who be in the home, of outer ground, want to calculate together, cannot cut also cannot cut more little, size wants same.

Neat country of ancient time of according to legend is ugly female without salt, the Ceng Qiancheng when childhood does obeisance to a month, after be brought up, enter palace with preeminent moral character, but was not bestowed favor on to I hope. Some year in August 15 enjoy the glorious full moon, the emperor sees her below moon, feel she is beautiful and conspicuous, she stands to be empress after, do obeisance to a month mid-autumn from this and come. Goddess in the moon of the middle of a month, with fine-looking and celebrated, reason girl does obeisance to a month, wish " look like goddess in the moon, the face is like bright month " .

In Tang Dynasty, enjoy the glorious full moon mid-autumn, play a month very be current. In division of Beijing of Northen Song Dynasty. In August 15 night, full city other people, no matter grown-ups and children of the rich and the poor, want to put on adult dress, cense do obeisance to a month to speak a wish, invocatory moon is blessed magically. The Southern Song Dynasty, folk gives with moon cake photograph, take reunion justice. Some places still have dance careless dragon, the activity such as pagoda of build by laying bricks or stones. Since bright Qing Dynasty, the custom of the Mid-autumn Festival more be current; Square became a lot of ground to burn a bottle of sweet, tree mid-autumn, the lamp that nod a tower, lamp that put a day, walk along the moon, special custom such as dance firedrake.
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