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Institute of Changchun experiment machine is held " technical expert " commend c
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On August 27, 2008, limited company of institute of Changchun experiment machine " expert of 2008 · technology " agonistic summary commends congress is in a company 6 buildings assembly room is held. In last a period of time in the agonistic activity of a month, all machine added employee to enter academic written examination and real operation two contests part, finally 9 companies staff is commended ceremoniously by the company, labour of dispatch a vehicle of appraise through comparison, benchwork, milling class of hotshot of 3 respects major is outstanding talent.
This second contest aims: Accelerate team of talent of company tall technical ability to build, enhance employee whole technical ability, consolidate raise company product to machine production level, enhance company core competition ability. Pass a contest, choose loves hillock one batch to respect course of study, technology the masterly, high skill talented person that has technical technical ability; The whole that urges standard of skill of company type of work in production thereby rises. This second contest got the company is led support energetically, company leader visits agonistic theory written examination and real operation site.
Talent, it is the base that the enterprise builds. Develop the talent team of a high quality, high skill, it is the need with business the urgentest development. Raise employee thought quality and technical level ceaselessly only, company ability development gives more advanced product, provide the service with more high grade and considerate user, at the same time ability of ability of the productivity of the company, government, innovation capacity gets faster rise.
Henceforth, the company will develop activity of study of worker technical ability, contest continuously, rich company culture lives, in order to promote the company's better, rapidder development.
Add: Commend list
Lathe work: One, 2, gainer of third class award: Wang Wei of cedar of Wang Xiangfei ginger
Benchwork: One, 2, gainer of third class award: Zhang Yuanzhuang of cliff of Wen Wei plum
Milling: One, 2, gainer of third class award: Zhang Shihai of Jiang Yingming Li Xiang