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NSK rolls out low torque grease sealed bearing

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NSK faces control car to enter the throttle motor of exhaust and EGR(ExhaustGasRe-circulationSystem) motor, the grease that developed low torque is sealed bearing. Generally speaking, to reduce torque, all be undertake adjusting gyral when motor is assembled, in order to reduce the initiative resistance of lube fat, reduce base the viscosity of oily composition. Nevertheless, the problem of this kind of practice is: Adjust not only rotate expend time, and reduce base after oily viscosity, when be used below high temperature life can shorten. Accordingly, this company adds particle of accept rice class to reduce grease resistance through be inside grease. Come so, compare with original photograph, can stabilize torque quickly not only, and although be below high temperature,also can carry more macrobian order. What add in grease is pottery and porcelain kind atomic, "From this will base the composition in oil resembles chain euqally join rises, make the performance of grease stronger thereby " . Specific corporeal name and atomic size did not grant to announce. Because the grease previously also can be entered when shearing force is weak carry a scale, because the grease on this ball and orbit face is adherent the capacity is more. And the grease of new development is in enter when carrying a scale, must want to have more powerful shearing force, because the grease on this ball and orbit face is adherent the amount is proper.
Can make initiative torque comes down in the stability inside short time so, will adjust rotate time decreases than before 70% . Additional, constant the) when torque is used than reducing 30%(100 ℃ to fall before. And still realized as identical as the grease previously or taller agglomeration life.

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