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31 heavy industry plan issue share or infuse grab asset

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31 heavy industry (announcement weighs 600031) now, the company is planning the great matters concerned that issues share to buy property, because should weigh uncertainty of existence of important matter appropriate, the company applies for a stock to stop a card since September 25, 2008, predict answer card announced great matters concerned on October 10, 2008 beforehand case.

Market personage analysis says, increase the grab capital that delivering the capital fund that plans to buy is a company likely extremely this 31, this also can be in 31 confirm got in annals 2007. Annals exposure: "To continue the product catenary of outspread company, will buy group grab business at was being started first half of the year 2008. " have researcher speculation, 31 or buy to the group with oneself cash increases loan.

As we have learned, sales volume was the grab of 31 groups last year 1400, 3000 sale task was decided at the beginning of this year, next year conservative estimation can amount to 6000 sale, strive for achieve 10000. Press price and profit margin are conjectural last year, grab can create 200 million yuan of profit this year, the profit of next year will exceed 400 million yuan. The researcher thinks, 31 held on grab production send an advantage first, inside endowment the sales volume in producing a business is ranked the 2nd, had had the dimensions of profit of 100 million yuan of 1 billion yuan of 1500 sale, income, net 2007, put into appear on the market after the company, every earnings can add predicting company 2008 0.2 yuan, amplitude can achieve 0.5 yuan or so 2009.

2007, every accrual of 31 is 1.65 yuan. According to afore-mentioned researchers forecast, this asset infuse hopeful is 31 brought the outstanding achievement promotion of about 12% 2008, grab also will become future the another main point of growth of 31 business.

On the other hand, be aimed at the competitive environment with grab unusually at present intense market, whether the competitive advantage that will send advantage translate into to last first, enlarge market share, it is the problem that investor of asset infuse backside cares more.

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