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Machine of our country project is overall reach form a complete set industrial b

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Chinese project machine is made distributing with manufacturer of form a complete set the different city that is in China and area, these cities and area adopt progress of executive region economy and industrialization process strategy, formed project machine and form a complete set gradually the industrial base of group characteristic. This period the deepness observation that stalks of grain especially, emphasize ascertain Chinese project machine is overall reach form a complete set the layout of industrial district, expect your attention.

(one) base of project machinery industry

Chinese project machine had formed a whole production system, commercialize operational project machinery to research and development, production is made and sell a system namely. Already became world project machine to produce big country and one of staple market, year sale dimensions ranks the world the 3rd, main product produces per year a quantity to rank the world the 2nd.

Chinese home in project machine main brand enterprise is centered in Xuzhou, changzhou, changsha, xiamen, liuzhou, aid reachs circumjacent area rather, it is important to formed Chinese project machine industrial base.

1, industrial base: Jiangsu Xuzhou

Represent a company: Xu industry group

Pay close attention to an index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Xuzhou is company of our country's biggest project machine brand -- seat of Xu Gong group. Besides Xu industry group, still card spy those forces Xuzhou limited company, er of sea of Xuzhou benefit suddenly limited company, limited company of slewing ring of Xuzhou Luote Ade and Xuzhou beauty gallop car bridge limited company more than 10 joint-stock, machine of solely invested project creates a company.

Current, the project machine of Xuzhou makes company number amount to many 100, sales revenue already amounted to about 30 billion yuan 2005, held the 1/3 of sales revenue of machine of whole China project to control, exit is achieved collect more than 100 million dollar, become China's biggest project machine production and exit base.

Xuzhou has the area of garden of two big industry that had built and building. The garden of industry of Xuzhou of golden hill bridge that one is seat of Xu industry group, first phase project already built industrial garden division 1.5 square kilometre, overall usable floor area 5 square kilometre. Another is the machine of civilian battalion project that in county of hill of Xuzhou suburb copper Liu Xin presses down build manufacturing base. At present already enterprise of many 20 civilian battalion is garrisoned, sale exceeded 20 2005 much. The industrial group land with the largest trade of Chinese project machine will be made after area of this two big garden builds, more will outstanding Xuzhou creates the bibcock position with exit base as Chinese project machine.

2, industrial base: Jiangsu Changzhou

Represent a company: Constant Lin Ji is round
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