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"Chinese valve city " group of repass Zhejiang expert is proved

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In obtain " Chinese valve city " after the title, base of property of characteristic of provincial and new and high technology passed valve of Zhejiang dragon bay again a few days ago the expert group that hall of Zhejiang province science and technology organizes is proved, expert group thinks consistently, long Wan founds base of valve characteristic property to already had better foundation and requirement, and having clear characteristic advantage. Build this property base, create a company to farther assemble valve, cooperation of stimulative division of labor and resource optimize configuration, the core competition ability that enhances line of business of dragon bay valve has important sense.
As we have learned, industry of dragon bay valve starts at going up century 70 time, at present industry of dragon bay valve has manufacturing company many 1400, already formed with all sorts of cop valve of valve, high temperature power station, electro-hydraulic linkage is fast the shut off valve valve industry group that is main distinguishing feature, among them annual produce overtakes 1 billion yuan of industry 1, overtake 100 million yuan of industries 6. According to statistic, long Wan produces per year stainless steel valve 200 thousand tons, occupy the whole nation to produce per year the 40% above of gross. 2007, industry of dragon bay valve realizes gross value of industrial output 10.3 billion yuan, hold countrywide valve market the portion of 25% above. Product of dragon bay valve held domestic mainstream market not only, and entered an international market, nearly 60 nations that export area of beauty of southeast Asia, north and south, middle east, Western Europe.
Expand ceaselessly besides dimensions outside, business of dragon bay valve still holds to innovation of science and technology in recent years. Industry of dragon bay valve has company of of all kinds and new and high technology now 31, class of its China home 4 the home, provincial 11; Own center of research and development of company of provincial and new and high technology 6; 2006, 2007 two years, local valve industry assumes fund of innovation of national science and technology medium and small businesses in all 1, national torch plans 13, project of national emphasis new product 2; Assume Zhejiang to save great Electromechanical equipment is special 4, win of all kinds patent 368. Had had more powerful technology to develop ability and ability of innovation of science and technology.

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