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Rolled steel exit rebounded considerably in July hopeful of policy of rolled ste

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Say according to message personage, governmental near future will adjust steely product to export policy again, specific nevertheless adjust content to still do not decide. The largest possibility is, the variety that drawback involves in custom tax regulations cancels to export drawback entirely, at the same time alloy senior capable person is added impose the export custom duty of 15% .
The rolled steel July exported data to increase this kind of possibility. Data shows, steel products of our country export rebounded considerably July reach 7.21 million tons, annulus comparing increases 1.99 million tons, with photograph comparing increased 1.27 million tons July last year, grow 21.38% compared to the same period. This achieved rolled steel only month to export record.
Association of Chinese iron and steel industry expresses before this, the job that second half of the year controls rolled steel to export a quantity is very heavy still, domestic and international price is pulled poorly be helpful for promoting rolled steel export greatly. If export the posture of growth to continue to expand, do not eliminate a country to take the likelihood of adjusting control measure further.
Notable is, hair change appoint before analyse in before long the warning in the report of foreign trade situation said in July, current minority " two tall one endowment " product export still is increasing. For example, although rolled steel exit is added fast drop, but exit absolute magnitude is very big still. Analytic personage says, look from each respects, adjust rolled steel to export policy unavoidable.
In specific adjust plan to go up, day photograph invests Wang Zhaohua of steely industry analyst to think, probable meeting cancels alloy product the drawback of 5% , senior to alloy capable person is added impose the export custom duty of 15% . Because, exit of rolled steel of 1-6 month alloy measures the proportion that takes all rolled steel to be 21.74 % , tower above 2007 level of annual the corresponding period 15.32 percent.
Wang Zhaohua expresses, if new adjusting control policy if really as above place says, so influence extent is deeper. Because occupy its to involve a product,the senior capable person of 63 % exports tax rate by - 5 % are adjusted to 15 % , adjust range bigger. Volume of integrated consideration export, corresponding tax rate adjusts range, and the proportion that takes all rolled steel, afore-mentioned policy are equivalent to all rolled steel actually exporting the attune on levy rate 3.05 percent.

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