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Chinese project machine cuts a figure in Ethiopia market

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Element has " African fastigium " the Ethiopia that say is seat of African alliance headquarters, in recent years, the investment that place builds to the infrastructure such as highway, building, electric power is quickened further. Especially since 2006, the Ethiopia entered the height phase that an infrastructure builds. Build as infrastructure increasingly get warm again after a cold spell, the project machine market of Ethiopia place greeted the spring of development, " African fastigium " the upsurge of project machine market that go up is in sadly arisen.

Market structure shows onefold future to develop to still do not have destiny slightly

Current, brand of famous project machine relies on international the abundant actual strength of system of powerful sale, after service and local agent, already held dominant position in market of Ethiopia project machine. There is card spy those to strap in the project machine brand with common Ethiopia currently, Woerwo, small pine, Dainapake and Atelasi; Brand of carring capacity car has run quickly, Woerwo, 3 water chestnut, Ni Sang, Duff and Yi Weike.

Traditional project machine produces manufacturer to had passed forefathers the strategy of one pace was garrisoned Ethiopia this distinctive project machine market. The foundation is current of the market retain in light of the quantity, the product that card spy those straps lies very preponderance position, had permeated an Ethiopia to build each corners of the market, its product owner basically is project contractor of place, this card spy those straps main profit from in place to have the agent with abundant actual strength and Carter the management strategy that those straps itself. Card spy those straps local agent to be able to be offerred to the user include technical service, fittings to supply wait for plan of after service of one a complete set of, help card spy those strapped firmly to hold the market thereby, be in especially domain of machinery of cubic meter of earth, those straps Carter to be in monopoly position almost.

Wo Erwo, small pine, Dainapake, Atelasi also develop gradually in local market rise, development impetus nots allow to ignore. The main problem that at present market of Ethiopia project machine exists depends on the after service system of local agent still needing to perfect. Especially the circumstance such as current entrance nots allow hopeful, for example from the Ethiopia a replacement is ordered outside the condition, marine the time that needs 3 months at least, and airborne also need the most quickly to expend 1.5~2 lunar time, and the price is high. These confine make this kind of engineering mechanical the product popularizes what the gender reachs local market to have rate respect to be affected certainly in what use.

Introduce the synchronism inside course of study of new technology prep close behind actively to develop

Structure of product of Ethiopia project machine is not consistent like us in impression backward in that way, contrary, in international of manufacturer of large project machine drive, the structure of project machine product of this area presents the picture that gave to introduce new product, new technology actively. For example, local blessing case strapped an agent to introduce a large number of adoption machine of shop of booth of the electronic control and communication technology, VOGELESuper1800-2 that realizes intelligence to dissolve operation, energy-saving environmental protection bitumen, the engine that should spread out shop machine is deployed is use electronic-controlled derv high pressure in all the new-style engine of course technology; Card spy those strapped an agent to also introduce CAT300DL grab... meanwhile, through introducing new technology, new model, the after service concept of local agent is promoting stage by stage. The diversification of the amplification of the grow in quantity as product measure, market, product and distributinging region is vaster and vaster, after service system is changing direction to develop to diversity, maturity.
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