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Our country is badly in need of developing property of bearing form a complete s

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The development of any industries expands to cannot leave the indefatigable effort of oneself, the innovation of science and technology that relies on oneself and technical progress add product variety, increase product quality and industry economy actual strength, but the support that also cannot leave relevant trade, bearing industry also is such.
However actual condition is, industry of our country bearing is in for a long time " get on next crowded pressing " in awkward environment, raw material supplier should be faced on especially of company of rolled steel production rise in price at every turn, next wanting that answer leader plant to reduce the demand of price of form a complete set ceaselessly.

Strive for right to speak of rolled steel price jointly
Well-known, bearing industry is the fundamental sex industry of relationship state security and the national economy and the people's livelihood, each domain of the society cannot leave the form of bearing. Though, bearing industry wants to develop expand, the key should rely on the constantly strive to become stronger of oneself, want to rely on progress of science and technology to improve product quality and function, promote the actual strength of oneself, but regard sex of a foundation as the industry, it also should get national policy (include the field such as capital, taxation) give aid to and of industry of form a complete set support energetically.
In recent years, industry of our country bearing got swift and violent development, tasted respect of capacity of level of quality, class, technology, own development or economic gross to have very great progress than no matter be in,be being produced before, economic dimensions gross rises considerably, effect sees at the beginning of industrial structural adjustment, product technology level rises steadily, ability of innovation of science and technology increases significantly, but with abroad photograph of person of the same trade is compared, enterprise dimensions not strong, product spends not big, actual strength centrally the weak point with quality of low, product and development weak capacity or quite apparent.
According to statistic, industry of our country whole bearing produced of all kinds bearing in all 2005 6 billion, achieve sales revenue 52 billion yuan, dimensions gross restrains 4.8 billion dollar, still not as good as Swedish SKF sale. Compare with Japanese photograph, difference is bigger.
For the Yuan Fucai material that produces need with respect to bearing, bearing steel (ferrule makings, roller makings) it is use quantity requirement of the biggest, quality is highest, right bearing quality (fatigue intensity and wear) the raw material with the biggest impact, also be the enterprise produces the place in managing to want the project with most capital normally.
Although our country iron and steel industry achieved swift and violent progress in recent years, quality also has very big rise, the steely business that processes form a complete set for bearing production also is absent a few, but bearing steel quality from say to still close nevertheless on the whole, besides on the bearing steel quality of a few enterprise such as Xing Cheng of Taurus of 5 factories, Dalian, Jiangsu can satisfy steel outside the quality requirement that bearing production machines, the bearing steel that other company place produces (include ferrule makings, roller expects and board makings) the requirement that quality still satisfies bearing to produce hard.
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