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Homebred computer firm is only first half of the year profit the whole line glid

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Homebred computer firm is faced with " cold winter " test

Appear first half of the year net profit the whole line glides; Industry or brew reshuffle a large amount of buy

From warm spring the change to cold winter, need the time of 3 two quarters only. Be produced in Internet, liquid crystal and the industry such as chip acting industry is entered again " cold winter " while, PC industry of home is experiencing the sternest test since be born oneself. Newspaper of money of firm of a few big PC shows the country that released centrally August, industry whole profit appeared gigantic glide, begin to enter since be born oneself the biggest " cold winter " season.

   Profit collective is gigantic first half of the year drop

On September 5, associate before the group tall Guan Laye " airborne " Founder science and technology, take up the post of a president one duty. Before this, once held the post of wind of the president's old professional handler Qidong in Founder science and technology, already announced resignation in June this year by force of outstanding achievement pressure. This La Ye is walked on accessary " condition " -- , Founder science and technology was made to its industry is recaptured afresh inside a year the 2nd rigid examines a requirement. This basically results from money forms for reporting statistics shows Founder science and technology first half of the year not beautiful, advocate battalion PC business appeared the negative growth of 11.36% .

In fact, manufacturer of a few big main trends does not have homebred first half of the year PC almost one exception all appeared net profit glides. On August 7, just take the lead in giving in together half an year signed up for exam paper 2008. Be in thirdly big advocate in business Wu, the business income of garden of science and technology glides compared to the same period 76.64% , bilk the computer business with build up, appear likewise of 6.64% glide. The outstanding achievement of computer of 7 happy event that once ranked 10 old brands of countrywide glides more apparent, half annals shows its net profit glides compared to the same period 85.39% . In the meantime, 7 happy event are forecasted next quarter, "Outstanding achievement can have probably bigger glide " .

With 7 happy event can says " fellow sufferers " is Great Wall of manufacturer of old brand PC, net first half of the year gain glides extent is adjacent 5 into. "Raw material rises, the RMB appreciates reach manpower cost to rise wait for an element, the development that affected company outstanding achievement " Huang Maoqing of chief inspector of market of Great Wall computer explains to the reporter so.

   Force of double weigh of the bad news inside external cause

Huang Maoqing discloses to the reporter, in party of the near future inside course of study, associate a few high levels that wait for a company state this year is already publicly " cold winter " , say everybody has made the preparation of hibernate basically. "The inflation this year is exorbitant, purchasing power saturation, market sale status is not quite good. Because raw material gave an issue one piece this,our net profit glides basically is, especially the shipment price of liquid crystal face plate drops continuously caused bigger effect. Especially the shipment price of liquid crystal face plate drops continuously caused bigger effect..

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