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Banking: "Double rate " reducing is medium long-term interest is good

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Although short-term inside the likelihood causes certain adverse effect to bank profit, but look for a long time from which, of policy of money of this inferior goods adjust or can develop to banking rise promote action. This is an expert 15 days the general point of view that when standard interest rate and deposit reserve are led, loan expresses is reduced when be informed the Central Bank to be the same as.

Guo Taijun installs Wu Yonggang of analyst of industry of banking of negotiable securities institute to be shown to forms for reporting statistics of Shanghai negotiable securities, loan interest rate reduces 0.27 percent and saving interest rate keeps changeless, can make the profit of all banks poor close narrow, for the job of Bank of China that still counts benefit to need income to main income, this is an interest empty news undoubtedly.

Reduce to what reserve leads, five in just always thinking this is right, small bank is a benefit good. According to him previously calculate, reserve leads every to reduce a percent, to the front of profit of bank net profit the influence is 1.3 percent. But come down integratedly, he thinks " double rate " in be opposite with nowadays attune, small bank still slants benefit is empty, can bigger to big bank influence.

But he also expresses, to the industry beyond banking, this " double rate " reducing is a benefit good, conduce to the financial cost that reduces them. "If the other industry of national economy is good, look for a long time from which, this also is a benefit to banking good. " he expresses finally.

Guo Tianyong of research center director also represents industry of Bank of China of university of central finance and economics, in saving interest rate changeless circumstance falls, remain unsymmetrical this to lower interest measure. Short-term in light of, not be meddlesome to the gain of the bank. But the parents of back and belly that the enterprise is a bank, both the relation that is be as close as lips and teeth. This year first half of the year, of CPI, PPI go up all the time taller, the gain space of the enterprise is thinner and thinner. The profit of the enterprise glides make the possibility that economic existence glides also is increased. Look from future, the enterprise runs stagnant word continuously, the bank became water without a source.

"The income of 80% relies on the bank interest income, so short-term in light of, not be benefit for certain good. But in will for a long time look, if enterprise benefit gets ameliorative, the fine tuning of policy makes the enterprise manages a face to get ameliorative, build the development that is a bank a platform. " Guo Tianyong points out.

He still expresses, the country appeals all the time strengthen right " 3 farming " , medium and small businesses the loan dimensions that wait, the loan increment of prospective banking can increase somewhat, so in will for a long time look, loan interest rate is reduced is not negative issue certainly.

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