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Project machine: China is small dig the market to be begged with quality live

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Current, our country is small dig the market to developing level at high speed, market share is in every year climb considerably litre, homebred dig machine product place to occupy proportional rise considerably become in last few years one of most remarkable trends, industry public figure is opposite generally our country is small the development that digs the market is confident. However, almost all company controller are being accepted when interviewing, express, tell now " the rise of Chinese grab industry " for vogue early, present Chinese grab industry just just starts, still be in the phase of pursuant world advanced level.
Nevertheless, grab market competition turns white-hot with each passing day however, in the competitive environment that grow in intensity, chinese enterprise whether thrive, it is one of focal problems that current China grab course of study pays close attention to most.
Character close makes competition tends turn white-hot
In grab market, once had gradient of scale of a quality, the product quality of beautiful day business is most excellent, han fastens brand quality to rank middle reaches, and card of home made product wanders in ground floor for a time. Be this reason, long-term since foreign capital brand holds market most state power. But at present this pattern is changing sadly, the market total share of Chinese enterprise is promoting ceaselessly.
And one of accounts that produce this change depend on rectifying aircraft manufacturer to undertake to component globalization is purchased. At present our country form a complete set the industry still cannot satisfy the demand that makes aircraft manufacturer, wait for core component respect in system of engine, hydraulic pressure especially. Accordingly, the company that a few have capital actual strength realises he is original the inadequacy that supplies chain, begin collaboration actively with supplier of international tip component, use globalization to purchase will come true overall the promotion of quality, through accurate locate handholding market, with the gender valence comparing is breach, share of market of race to control.
In addition, the expert thinks, of Chinese enterprise grow also steel of profit from god, day stands, the foreign capital enterprise such as small pine moves lead plane manufactory China. After these enterprises enter China, drove a batch of form a complete set the enterprise moves manufacturing workshop China to come; is in China to be purchased native landly at the same time also make form a complete set of a batch of China the company grows rise, form a complete set the environment got bigger improvement, make China native land thereby grab production enterprise benefits a lot.
In recent years, china digs aircraft company grow very rapid. However, the foreign enterprise won't be active course of study of the state-owend enterprise in inviting market submissively posture, to protect its original portion, they accelerated the market to develop. For instance long protected Tian Yicheng to establish Chinese market department, the strategy of Chinese market position improves likewise as significant as Euramerican area position. Have long the agent that keeps field thinks, perhaps next long protect cropland to will establish whole mechanism to build a plant in China.
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